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AV Rant #715: Eco Mode & Masks

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Tom’s lip sync is PERFECT this week! Check out https://www.youtube.com/avrant to see why.

Our Listeners of the Week are Kevin and Jefferson for their donations, plus our 122 Patreon Patrons, as well as Tom K. for mentioning us to https://www.safeandsoundhq.com/ when he bought a refurbished NAD Receiver, and Joseph H. for offering to send Tom some Good Seasons dressing packets. We also want to thank Curt and RD for their notes of gratitude to us for keeping the podcast going. Thank you to everyone for continuing to listen!

Pictures shown in this episode:

In the news:

– Voxx, the parent company of Klipsch, bought Onkyo/Integra/Pioneer: https://is.gd/7jhp2L

– Via Andrew – NVidia Shield Experience 8.2 brings Match Frame Rate to older models, and HDR to SDR conversion to the newest models: https://is.gd/3piEax

– Disney let it slip that Mulan will be available to all Disney+ subscribers just three months after the $30 Premier Access release: https://is.gd/m7LMn3

– 0:20:06 NVidia RTX 30 Series graphics cards bring HDMI 2.1 to PCs: https://is.gd/gxlENY


– RD discovered his Receiver’s “Eco” power saving settings were responsible for some annoying audio and video dropouts.

– Jim B. shared his kitchen setup in which he painted a Dayton SUB-1000 and added it to his TV’s built-in speakers with results that amazed him.

0:26:50 Bob wants to know why his Zone 2 volume goes up by whole numbers, while his Main Zone goes up half a dB at a time, and if there’s a way to make them the same.

0:30:42 Everett wants to know why we never seem to recommend Anthem Receivers.

0:34:37 Dan D. asks if a 2019 NVidia Shield would improve the look of upscaled and tone mapped content on his JVC X790 projector compared to a 2017 Shield.

0:40:04 Ken M. wants to hear any experience with installing a mini split AC system in a home theater.

0:47:21 Curt G. wants to know what happens if you leave Dolby Vision turned on in a Sony Ultra HD Blu-ray player all the time.

0:50:39 Andrew C. asks what he should do about the SVS SoundPath Wireless Adapters that are making popping sounds in his Surrounds, and whether the complete series box set of Game of Thrones on Ultra HD Blu-ray will have HDR and be worth it.
– Outlaw Audio OAW4: https://is.gd/Mio8Wj

0:56:29 Andrew L. wonders if he would regret switching from Towers to Bookshelf speakers, and whether going from Paradigm Monitor v5 to Paradigm Premier Series speakers would be worth it.

1:11:15 Dazz asks which subwoofers he should consider for his 4,000 cubic foot area, whether to go ported or sealed, and whether he should hop on a deal for some used speakers that don’t really fit any of his criteria.
– HSU VTF-3 MK5 HP: https://is.gd/jdlltM

1:19:02 Karl R. has an o2 respirator, and asks which masks we use, and whether we’d go back to movie theaters with them on.
– o2 respirator: https://is.gd/wT3DSm
– Active Commuter Sports mask: https://is.gd/YYsWd2
– 3M 7502: https://is.gd/jkqyqr
– 3M 7093C filters: https://is.gd/N3A26K

1:31:02 Fred R. has had malfunctions with two Denon X4400H refurbished units, so he seeks some advice about the best way to proceed.

1:36:11 Kev T. wonders if the 2.5mm IR output on the back of a Harmony Hub could feed multiple 3.5mm IR inputs via Y-splitters.

1:38:27 J.R. asks about a subwoofer upgrade, speaker positioning, and what he should use for Atmos.
– SVS PC-2000 Pro (request an included port plug): https://is.gd/woZm6i
– SVS Prime Elevation: https://is.gd/OaFWnL

1:53:08 Kenneth T. has his first room that he can make into a dedicated theater, so he asks where to even begin, and whether he should change the gear he already owns.

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