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AV Rant #713: Tom’s in a Pickle

August 21st, 2020

Our Listeners of the Week are Joseph for his donation, and our 122 Patreon Patrons, as well as Jay for writing to Tom with his horror movie recommendations. We also want to thank Chris and Terry for their notes of gratitude to us for keeping the podcast going!

Pictures shown in this episode:

In the news:

– 0:11:52 Rob wants to make sure gamers are aware the new TCL 6-Series (R635) TVs top out at 1440p resolution with 120 fps. No 4K/120. CNET updated their article: https://is.gd/m4um7T

– No new JVC projector models this year. At CEDIA, they will unveil a firmware update: https://is.gd/QJBMie

– Via Karl – AMC Theatres are reopening, starting Aug. 20 with 15 cent tickets: https://is.gd/RaAjyA

– Disney says there are no official plans to discontinue releasing Ultra HD Blu-rays of catalogue titles: https://is.gd/ESSznY


– Mario S. is a panel member of the National Electric Code, and he shared a write-up about the importance of bonded grounding for your home as the first line of defence against lightning strikes and power surges: https://is.gd/fQ6SPd

– Nick B. shares a laugh about cruzeFIRST Audio’s ridiculous Maestro power cord, electrical outlet, and faceplate: https://is.gd/04A3xp

– Terry G. says our advice helped him successfully run the Audyssey Editor App and solve some network issues.

0:30:25 Tim C. asks if Atmos and DTS:X are enough reason to upgrade an older Receiver right now, even if you might need HDMI 2.1 in the near future.

0:35:26 Infinite Gary asks if getting off the electrical grid with solar panels could improve your audio/video quality, and whether mono soundtracks can sound the same using two speakers vs. one.

0:44:11 Sean M. asks if an online JVC projector price is too good to be true, and why he should maybe avoid an Epson 5040UB.
– JVC NX5 page (note the warnings): https://is.gd/1Hy82S

0:49:34 Brandon N. asks if he should use flagship sealed subs, or one step below flagship ported subs in an open room.

0:51:24 Tom K. wants lots of manual control over his Receiver’s setup and EQ, so he asks if the Audyssey Editor App can deliver, or what other options he should consider.
– NAD T 758 v3i w/ Dirac: https://is.gd/lqb84h

0:57:40 Billy M. asks if he should upgrade his Sony VW675ES 4K projector, what we expect from new JVC models when they eventually arrive, and how to troubleshoot a hiss coming from one speaker.

1:07:27 Jay A. gets our take on the potential end of the Paramount Consent Decrees: https://is.gd/JJMl23

1:15:38 Chris A. double checks which Surround speakers and speaker stands we recommend for his setup.
– Paradigm Monitor SE Atom: https://is.gd/u19DgW
– SVS Prime Satellites: https://is.gd/HQJy64
– NHT SuperZeros: https://is.gd/G1QP28
– Sanus Adjustable Stands: https://is.gd/hpFtHY

1:21:27 Asa W. double checks his speaker upgrade choice, his crossover settings, and his Receiver’s Auto Listening Mode.

1:30:38 Jonathan R. gets our go-to computer speaker recommendation.
– AudioEngine A2+: https://is.gd/qtWBCQ

1:31:53 Stefan asks about shallow-depth in-ceiling speakers, backer boxes, using his ceiling for acoustic treatment and soundproofing, and physically small amplifiers.
– Q Acoustics QI65P: https://is.gd/Nhb0Pz
– Fosi Audio TDA7498E Class D Amp: https://is.gd/GXArGm

1:44:14 Will T. asks why his Toshiba HD DVD player won’t output audio via HDMI with his Marantz SR6011 and BenQ HT3550.

1:48:59 Art asks why his TCL 8-Series is only outputting stereo audio via optical, and how to get his Integra Receiver’s settings to show up on screen.

1:53:18 Joseph S. gets our take on Crown’s XLi 800 professional amplifier.

2:00:28 Theo asks if object-based audio can make use of Front Wide speakers.

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