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AV Rant #709: I’m in Your Head, Tom

July 24th, 2020

Our listeners of the week are Brandon for his donation, and our 125 Patreon Patrons, as well as Corey B. for emailing directly with Gary Yacoubian, the CEO of SVS. We’d also like to thank Dan, Brandon, Dazz, and Timothy for their notes of gratitude to us for keeping the podcast going. Thank you to everyone who continues to listen and send in questions!

Pictures shown in this episode:

0:02:17 Turns out Rob has been right this whole time about museum putty: https://is.gd/PXCHxt

In the news:

– The mystery of Samsung Blu-ray players getting stuck in an endless reboot loop has been solved, and it wasn’t because of expired SSL certificates: https://is.gd/5NwPLe

– Microsoft has ceased production of Xbox One X and S All Digital Edition consoles: https://is.gd/Pu7Tt6
– They’ve also stopped selling 12-month Xbox Live Gold subscriptions: https://is.gd/J1r5QC
– But they’re adding xCloud game streaming to Game Pass Ultimate in September: https://is.gd/DJhyFY


– Carl C. shares his early impressions of Peacock.

– Jackson corrects Rob about common household electrical panel amperage.

0:26:03 Matt G. is still having issues with ARC from his Sony X900F. He asks about picture settings, and MotionFlow and CineMotion in particular, and whether it makes sense to make a separate picture mode for poor quality content.

0:39:43 Gurinder shares a bunch of subwoofer and speaker measurements, and asks if they indicate a need for any further room treatments or adjustments to his subwoofers.

0:51:54 Rob M. asks us to convince him that he does not need a Receiver upgrade.

0:55:23 Manuel T. finally gets an answer from us about his Front speaker positioning (after we missed it last time), and we discuss his particular options for Atmos speaker placement.

1:00:38 Brian F. is getting occasional video dropouts with his JVC NX7 projector.

1:04:30 Buddy asks which tube amp we recommend for driving his Infinity Quantum 5 speakers.
– Monoprice Pure Tube Stereo Amp: https://is.gd/tWRP5R

1:08:43 Brandon N. asks about Panasonic HDR Optimizer settings, which movies will convince him a disc player was worthwhile, and he shares some comments about connecting a Receiver to both a flat panel and a projector, how noticeable Atmos was to his wife, and running a phantom Center.
– HDTV Test Panasonic player videos: https://is.gd/MpxtST

1:15:19 Jason H. asks about his clever idea for having a convenient way to switch between two different subwoofer output levels on his Receiver.
– Sewell HDMI SplitDeck:https://is.gd/w0fwIt

1:18:08 Dazz asks about in-ceiling Atmos speaker placement from side walls, speaker wire gauge, and whether it’s worth opening his drywall for some speaker wire runs.

1:22:57 Terry G. asks for a less expensive alternative to in-ceiling GoldenEar speakers, and whether backer boxes are necessary for maximum performance.
– Monoprice Amber in-ceiling speakers: https://is.gd/Pu60vX

1:27:29 Nick B. double checks his hand-me-down Receiver plan, and asks about plugging an HDMI-ARC connection from the TV into a normal HDMI input, and which Front speakers he should get.
– Ascend CBM-170SE: https://is.gd/vS2A7X

1:32:55 Steve M. wants the best possible video and audio from his Samsung Q80T and Denon S910W for Ultra HD Blu-ray, Xbox One S, and Xbox Series X.

1:39:53 Andrew L. asks all about bi-amping.

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    August 7th, 2020 at 09:33 | #1

    us. Anyway. We are all locked up down here so just a bit of knocking ideas are here. I love my music ie 2 channel music but I am “with family” so movies is also a consideration. Yes I want the best of both words. I understand that budget wise I cant get it all, all at once so just wondering what you reckon. If we can put aside room dynamics for the moment, what i want, what i really really want eventually is:
    Floorstanding Speakers which sound great at low levels but also the capability to crank
    At least 7.2 to include 2 subwoofers (eventually)
    Source wise I have Spotify Premium and not opposed to spending extra for tidal ie streaming is the source
    Up to 7.2
    But with dedicated stereo when needed
    My idea was to invest heavily at least initially in great speakers like Paradigm 800f and a decent AV like Denon 3600h. That will do me budget wise for a while and leave me with the option to then add an extra 2 ch amp OR a sub/center and then on to a surrounds. Yes I want the best of both however I dont have the budget off the bat. How would you go about this bearing in mind the end gane I am going for?

    August 7th, 2020 at 09:34 | #2

    anyway enjoy the coffee either way but hope to hear from you, I watch you both weekly

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