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AV Rant #707: 3D Front Wide Controversy

July 10th, 2020

Our Listeners of the Week are our 121 Patreon Patrons. And we also appreciate the notes of gratitude from John, Luke, Dan, and Tate. Thank you all for continuing to listen!

Tom is back! We get a TL;DR version of what’s kept him away from the podcast the past two weeks. And we once again want to thank Lee Overstreet for filling in as guest co-host during that time.

Pictures shown in this episode:

In the news:

– Monoprice Monolith amplifiers have gone up in price: https://is.gd/P2bFf5

– Outlaw Audio has replaced their Model 5000 amp with the Model 5000X, which adds XLR inputs and has a higher price: https://is.gd/sEz4Ac

– Via Andrew L. – The Versatile Video Coding (VVC or H.266) codec standard has been finalized: https://is.gd/Mqh9io


– Mike, Dan & Andrew say that Overlord, Pacific Rim: Uprising, and Independence Day are immersive audio showcases worth checking out for their use of overhead effects.

– Gurinder tells us how his SVS Sledge amplifier replacement went.

– Michael I. warns that GiK Acoustics is experiencing shipping delays at the moment.

0:22:22 Don S. is upgrading the system in his RV. He asks about TV options, Receiver and amp options, and speaker options.
– Samsung 43″ Q60T: https://is.gd/WCCUSp
– Marantz SlimLine NR1510: https://is.gd/VIddCA
– Dayton APA150: https://is.gd/7RMKXQ
– Sonos Beam 5.1 System: https://is.gd/esIJZz
– NHT SuperZero: https://is.gd/KxQWGa
– SVS Prime Satellites: https://is.gd/HQJy64
– KEF HTF7003: https://is.gd/G7Moe7
– KEF E301: https://is.gd/E8xTXg

0:33:52 Michael I. asks if it’s ok to use the Audyssey microphone from a different Receiver model, since he lost one.

0:35:16 Matt G. is having some issues with HDMI ARC between his Sony X900F and Marantz SR6012.

0:40:43 Brian F. asks about professional display calibrators, and if it’s typical for them to “tour” large regions.

0:43:14 Jay A. gets our thoughts on an article about Kaleidescape being the heir to physical discs over at The Digital Bits: https://is.gd/eVS1kx

0:51:25 Joe J. asks if he should go 7.1.2 or 5.1.4, or if he needs to upgrade to an 11-channel Receiver.

0:52:50 Ken M. asks if Paradigm’s Millenia on-wall Center will work well in his setup, even with its stated -2 dB point of 110 Hz.

0:56:43 Luke wants us to change our tune about 3D, and advocate more enthusiastically for Front Wide speakers. Then he asks why 7-channel Receivers can’t use Front Wides instead of Surround Backs, why we think it’s a good idea to elevate Surround speakers, why Reference Volume doesn’t apply to all content, how Audyssey Dynamic EQ handles non-Reference Volume content and what to do about it, whether “volume”, “dB” and “SPL” are interchangeable, why his Subwoofer Level setting made an unexpected change, which low profile subwoofer we recommend, and which software can show the frequency response of his content.
– Monoprice SSW-12: https://is.gd/suM8UK
– Audacity Plot Spectrum frequency analysis: https://youtu.be/x78d-1l_edY

1:27:02 Dan H. asks which Sony TVs have issues with Dolby Vision, which 75-inch TV he should buy, whether he can and should add Top Fronts to his existing Top Middles, plus a comment about his own findings regarding dual subwoofer setup and crossovers compared to ours.

1:34:55 J.R. asks about using a crossover frequency other than 80 Hz, and whether more expensive brands have better internals and purer sound quality.

1:42:43 Aaron M. asks if his door needs to be air tight, whether he should swap out his Front speakers, which speaker configuration makes sense in his room, which screen size he should get, which overhead speakers he should install, if dual SVS PB-1000 subs will be enough, which Receiver, and how much acoustic treatment he needs and where.
– Klipsch R-41SA Atmos/angled Surround speakers: https://is.gd/J4fXa9

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