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AV Rant #704: 2D Rob

June 19th, 2020

Our Listeners of the Week are our 121 Patreon Patrons, as well as Gurinder for sending Rob an Amazon gift card, Victor D. for giving us a shout out anywhere he buys electronics, and Neil M. and David B. for both talking us up to SVS. We also want to thank Greg, Kevin, Dan, and Carl for their notes of gratitude to us for keeping the podcast going. Thank you all for continuing to listen!

Pictures shown in this episode:

In the news:

– Sony revealed the PS5 console design, including both a “Digital Edition” and a version with an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive: https://is.gd/aM52D6


– Dazz made an unboxing video for the Ascend Acoustics SE Series speakers: https://youtu.be/N6wsfKOo4VQ

– Lee O. shares his positive impressions of the Sonos Move outdoor speaker.

– Carl C. points out that most media playback apps for Windows include the option to bitstream audio output, so leaving the normal Windows audio output as stereo is likely the best setting. And Tom shares his latest Xbox One audio trial update.

– Christian advocates for OSMC (Open Source Media Center) and their Vero hardware: https://osmc.tv/store/

– Neil M. bought dual SVS PC-2000 Pro cylinder subs, and writes in to tell us we were right, and that both SVS and Richer Sounds in the UK provided great service. Neil also shares his clever idea of using pillow cases as cheap, easy Bass Trap coverings.

0:28:45 Infinite Gary wants to know why dual Center speakers would cause “massive acoustic interference”, what Audyssey means when it says “small room” and close to the speakers”, how to adjust his subwoofer level during 2-channel playback without messing up his calibration, and how to stop his TV from automatically turning on when his Receiver does.
– Using the Option menu on Marantz Receivers: https://is.gd/zs9cVb
– Marantz HDMI-CEC settings: https://is.gd/dU8RNt

0:41:07 Colin L. asks if there’s a way to get both Dolby Vision and Dolby Digital Plus audio together when using his Sony OLED and his 5.1 Denon Receiver that cannot pass through Dolby Vision.

0:47:12 Michael K. asks about subwoofer choices for a very large room, how much space he needs behind his acoustically transparent screen, and our approach and choices of content we use for evaluating speakers.
– Power Sound Audio V18 IPAL: https://is.gd/CK1sv0

1:00:58 J.R. loves the used B&W speakers he bought, but believes an old Rotel Pre-Pro will surely sound better than using his Denon Receiver. We discuss capabilities and upmixing.

1:10:06 Adam M. prompts a mini rant about demoing speakers in an unfinished room. He asks about in-wall or super flat Surround speaker options, less expensive Atmos speaker options, Surround and Back speaker mounting heights and proximity to Atmos speakers, and whether he should return his Denon X3600H and wait for the X3700H.
– RBH Ultra-1: https://is.gd/OmO0vi
– KEF T101: https://is.gd/SwRJjL
–  RBH in-walls: https://is.gd/fSuGeR
– Aperion Clearus: https://is.gd/leKqON
– Elac Debut 2.0 in-walls: https://is.gd/fU2R2f
– Monoprice Alpha: https://is.gd/nZFQOe
– Boston Acoustics SoundWare 4.5 for Atmos: https://is.gd/pRIV7O

1:25:35 Manuel T.’s second AV123 MFW-15 subwoofer has died on him, so he asks what he should get to replace it.
– SVS PB-2000 blowout sale: https://is.gd/dA8OTo

1:28:05 Jay C. wants a decent 5.1 SoundBar for under $500.
– Polk MagniFi Max SR at Accessories4Less: https://is.gd/kaboQb

1:30:49 Aidan C. asks if he can use RTings’ Sony OLED picture settings, why HDR looks too dark, whether he should switch from Sony to a JVC projector, and whether he should upgrade his Silver Ticket screen.

1:37:01 Dan double checks if we agree with how he has deployed his old speakers for whole house audio, and asks if there’s a way to plug a Chromecast into RCA audio inputs.
– Sewell HDMI audio extractor: https://is.gd/iWP1Bq

1:40:15 Brett H. wants to know how to get 3D working when he has both a 2D-only Vizio and a 3D BenQ projector plugged into his Receiver. Then he asks how to make his speaker system sound the way things used to sound in the 80’s, at least in his memory.
– HD Fury Dr HDMI 4K: https://is.gd/bJy2J3

1:47:18 Andrew B. asks if he should track down speakers that match his existing B&W models, or switch to Emotiva speakers.

1:50:37 Victor D. asks if he should get a miniDSP to tame the sometimes “tinny” sound from his Center speaker.
– Audyssey Editor App: https://is.gd/fpgQwt

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  1. avrantfan
    June 20th, 2020 at 12:56 | #1

    Regarding 0:47:12 Michael K:
    PSA has a new sub, TV1812. Bigger box, lower tuned (13ish Hz), better performer. It’s in pre-order now and should be on the main site soon. Also, you say a comparable Rythmik is $2,500. Not at all true. The FV18 is $1,874 and matches or beats the PSA 18″ subs (and basically everything else). Rythmik doesn’t get the love it should on your show – high performer at the price point. I don’t understand the constant love of SVS. They’re fine, but there’s much better performers for the money. Also, there is no such thing as free shipping. It’s built into the cost of the sub, period. It’s painful to hear you constantly state “free shipping!” It’s not free. It’s “included” I suppose, there’s no additional charge. But it’s not free. Anyway, I do enjoy the show.

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