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AV Rant #702: Semi-Rigid Mass

June 5th, 2020

Congratulations to Scott M., whose name was drawn from our list of Patreon Patrons to receive a model of a sci-fi-themed spaceship from Andrew L.!

Our Listeners of the Week are Matthew and Kevin for their donations, our 120 Patreon Patrons, including Max, Michael C., Kevin H., Mark N., and Stan L., as well as Stan L. again for letting Ascend Acoustics know his Sierra-2EX speaker purchase was thanks to our recommendation, and Joseph P. to telling Accessories4Less that he heard about them from us. We also want to thank Carl, Kevin T., Kevin H., Sean M., and Ben F. for their notes of gratitude for keeping the podcast going. Thank you to everyone for continuing to listen!

Pictures shown in this episode:

In the news:

– Vincent Teoh from HDTV Test reports that Dolby Vision is being removed from the ChangHong CHiQ A5U & B5U Ultra Short Throw projectors after Dolby found them to be “inadequate”: https://youtu.be/k1CpxlJpQDo

– Dolby Atmos Music from Tidal is now available on several streaming devices, allowing full-sized Atmos speaker systems and SoundBars to be used for Atmos Music playback: https://is.gd/FSCqjN

– LG’s OLED factory in China is up and running, and producing 48-inch OLEDs that should be hitting stores by the end of June: https://is.gd/ccPdRg

– Ilango decided to go with the Paradigm Rock outdoor speakers we recommended.

– Max K. updates us on his attic home theater plans, after hearing our suggestions.

– 0:22:42 Andrew L. offers some excellent advice about constructing a soundproof theater room.

– Carl C. lets Tom know that his Roku Premiere should be able to pass through Dolby Atmos, at least from the couple of Roku apps that support it.

0:27:16 Alvin C. asks about MakeMKV, Atmos on Windows, and standing a projector upside down.
– MakeMKV: http://www.makemkv.com/

0:34:18 Chris T. asks if it would help to apply Green Glue to studs.

0:36:21 Karl R. gets our take on the huge tech companies potentially buying movie theaters, and we talk about the first stereos we ever owned.

0:42:35 Matt G. wants a big TV for $2,000 with good panel and backlight uniformity.
– Sony 75″ X900F: https://is.gd/9rzJgs

0:46:41 Bobby M. asks if the BOSS (Baffle Open Sub Shaker) can give him the tactile bass shaking he wants for less than a ButtKicker.

0:54:22 Alfonso F. asks which Center speaker he should get for $300 to go with his Klipsch Reference Premiere Bookshelf speakers.
– Klipsch RP-500C: https://is.gd/yiJTch

0:57:17 J.R. did a subwoofer crawl, and now he has rattles and distortion, so he asks if a subwoofer upgrade will help.

1:03:46 Infinite Gary asks if Front Left & Right speakers have to play louder if you use a phantom Center.

1:05:54 Jay A. gets our take on Norwegian speaker brand, Arendal Sound: https://arendalsound.com/

1:13:50 Arthur H. wants to make sure how all of his sources should be connected to his new LG CX OLED and Sonos Arc SoundBar before they are installed.

1:20:59 Joe P. asks why his trim levels are higher with an external amp, what Denon’s “Bass Sync” setting is for, which source should be the point of reference for setting Input Level Adjust, and whether he should use SVS Prime Elevation or in-ceiling speakers for Atmos.

1:37:39 Alex Y. asks about room layout, the buying order for getting a 5.1 system in pieces at a time, which Ascend Sierra speakers to buy first, and which Center, Subwoofer, and Surrounds to buy.

1:56:38 Carl C. asks about filling speaker stands with sand, Dolby’s current Surround speaker placement guidelines, connecting a spare Receiver as an external amp, and we suggest some Surround Back and in-ceiling speakers.
– WaveCrest HVL-1: https://is.gd/Z23WM1
– Monoprice Alpha in-ceilings: https://is.gd/ng2Wpg
– Monoprice Alpha back cans: https://is.gd/d16o1F

2:07:17 Damien D. asks about making his own acoustic ceiling tiles, both absorptive and sound blocking, and how to deal with their added thickness when it comes to recessed lighting.
– Installing can lights with acoustic ceiling tiles video: https://youtu.be/NKs288I9fhE

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