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AV Rant #701: Xbox Audio Fixed?!

May 29th, 2020


Andrew L. is offering one of his awesome models of a spaceship from one of his favorite sci-fi series. We will draw the name of one of our Patreon Patrons (https://www.patreon.com/avrantpodcast ) next week. And we’ll put that person in touch with Andrew to receive the model ship!

Our Listeners of the Week are Mike for his donation, our 116 Patreon Patrons, including Alvin, and Andrew L. for making our giveaway happen. We also appreciate Martin, Gurinder, Mike, Alvin, John, Matt, and Fred sending us notes of gratitude for keeping the podcast going and notes of congratulations for reaching 700 episodes! Thank you all for continuing to listen!

Pictures shown in this episode:

In the news:

– Samsung is entering the outdoor TV market with “The Terrace”: https://is.gd/xmJ9Ka

– HBO Max has launched, and Reviewed.com has a good breakdown: https://www.reviewed.com/televisions/features/everything-to-know-hbo-max

– Via Sean M. – Dolby Surround Upmixing can be activated via the Dolby Access App on Xbox One consoles.


– Fred C. figured out the strange bug that made the radio tuner in his Marantz SlimLine Receiver stop working.

– John B. shared the Audio Frequency Spectrum chart that correlates subjective terms with actual frequency ranges.

– Mario S. shared his daughter’s She-Ra lockscreen artwork.

0:25:32 Brian F. wants to know if it’s normal to notice more film grain on Ultra HD Blu-ray discs vs. streaming.

0:28:22 Neil M. wants to double check our responses about which second subwoofer he should get, how downward-firing subs can sound the same as forward-firing, and his best dual sub placement options.

0:38:19 Rob F. asks if he should upgrade his last pair of non-B&W speakers, whether he should move his Top Rears, and why Atmos from Netflix isn’t working on his Australian NVidia Shield.

0:45:06 Matt C. asks if he should make changes to his BenQ HT3550 projector if he uses it outside. Then he asks about outdoor speakers and installation, and an outdoor TV wall mount.
– Yamaha All-Weather Speakers: https://is.gd/8tvtHk
– Sonos Move: https://is.gd/63xma4
– Belden Brilliance direct burial speaker wire: https://is.gd/H7Ey9M
– Outdoor TV covers and SunBrite outdoor mounts: https://is.gd/2WR8yg

0:54:51 Daniel W. wants a way to automatically turn a Receiver that is just acting as an external amp on and off along with his other Receiver.

0:58:40 Matt C. gets our thoughts on whether buying an Ultra HD Blu-ray player and discs is worth it over streaming or regular Blu-rays.

1:03:44 Aras V. wants to hear from Tom whether he agrees with Rob and Lee’s take regarding external amplifiers. Then he asks about seating distance, and whether a monoblock has any performance advantages at all.
– Outlaw Model 5000: https://is.gd/OCbs0e
– Audioholics video on the rare exception when certain amplifier/speaker combinations can actually sound different: https://youtu.be/uF5VR965564

1:15:25 Martin A. wants better bass uniformity in his room-within-a-garage, so he asks about four subs vs. two, corner bass traps, plus we offer a potential solution that would cost nothing.

1:21:18 Infinite Gary asks if the new OLED Peak Luminance setting would require separate calibrations. We revisit how many chirps come out of each speaker during Audyssey setup. And we clarify some things Phil Jones said in his Sound United training videos regarding Atmos speaker positions and manually changing settings after having run Audyssey.
– OLED Peak Luminance by HDTV Test: https://youtu.be/o0BwjgWR5Pg
– Sound United training video: https://youtu.be/WMxpEVgTLec
– Monoprice HTP-1 Manual: description of Mapping Channels to Speakers on page 25: https://is.gd/8vsmZk

1:35:34 Christian S. asks if he should change from an Oppo to a Panasonic Ultra HD Blu-ray player with his JVC NX7 projector.

1:38:06 Gaylen H. gets some help selecting a Receiver and figuring out some multi-zone wiring for his father-in-law.
– Onkyo TX-SR494: https://is.gd/pv7NUI
– Denon AVR-S750H: https://is.gd/om7TP7

1:45:36 Michael K. wants to know more about potentially installing a drop tile ceiling in his dedicated theater build.
– Acoustical Solutions:
– Signature Barrier Acoustic Ceiling Tiles: https://is.gd/gNgWoF
– AlphaSorb Acoustic Ceiling Tiles: https://is.gd/UOq9UV
– AlphaDiffuser Ceiling Tiles: https://is.gd/avi4yy

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