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AV Rant #694: Shelter in Theater

April 24th, 2020

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Pictures shown in this episode:

Aspect ratio test patterns by Ian E.:

In the news:

– Via Karl R. & Damien D. – Fandango bought Vudu: https://is.gd/i2RgEU

– HBO Max will launch on May 27: https://is.gd/i3ugbs
– Crave TV will carry HBO Max content in Canada: https://is.gd/Cl6ZZm


– Jacob B. recommends using ZK Electronics comparison tools, which helped him decide to get a Denon X3500H: https://www.zkelectronics.com/

– Ken B. wants to remind people that Netflix still offers discs by mail, and Rob mentions Ultra HD Blu-ray rentals by mail from: https://rent4k.com/

0:16:13 Tom K. asks if cutting a signal via EQ results in additional headroom, and whether all devices need to be plugged into the same surge protector.

0:23:54 Gurinder asks if an open side should still have freestanding acoustic panels, how thick panels at first reflection points should be, and if it’s ok to have curtains over acoustic panels. Then he asks about speaker isolation pads in Canada, and if his rear shelf is negatively impacting his Surround Back speakers. And finally we discuss how much insulation is needed above a drop tile ceiling, and how much light can pass through different kinds of projection screens.
– LyxPro Isolation Pads: https://is.gd/5vhW1v

0:34:44 Karl R. wonders about the best way to connect two monitors to his MacBook Pro.

0:37:04 Stephen G. asks why the Dolby Atmos test tones sometimes play out of more than one speaker when they are supposed to be discrete.
– MKV files of Dolby’s Blu-ray demo disc test tones: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1WzfwAoVvUNsdPI5dQLBCERXJQ_PBLplR?usp=sharing

0:40:34 DK prompts us to rant about external DACs, and asks if “jitter” is really a thing.

0:51:29 Dean T. wants a Receiver with a better user interface and menus, although we think a new remote might be the best solution.
– Denon X3500H: https://is.gd/3s87mU , https://is.gd/ZtWBNr
– Harmony Remotes: https://is.gd/kvuSEj

0:57:20 Ian E. asks about light going through his acoustically transparent screen and reflecting back off his front wall. Then he shares the aspect ratio test patterns he made, and his story about choosing his screen size and some installation challenges.
– Aspect ratio test patterns: https://youtu.be/d-z6LOGwOj4

1:03:39 Anthony wants some help to clear up confusion about Receiver “Amp Assign” settings. And we discuss why he expected “punchier” sound after adding an external amplifier, but it mostly sounds the same.

1:14:26 Blake C. gets advice on moving speakers to make room for a second sub, the easiest way to quickly control his subwoofers’ volume, and whether he should cut holes in his walls to expose some insulation.

1:24:44 Andrew B. asks about room dimensions, and what he should do about screen size and seating distance after having worked out the perfect heights.
– Room Mode Calculator: https://is.gd/wJgrX5

1:33:20 Matthew B. gets our thoughts on his proposed theater’s layout, our comparison of SnapAV Dragonfly, SeymourAV, and Elunevision acoustically transparent screens, and a once over of his proposed budget.
– Blue Jeans Cable Series-3A Active HDMI: https://is.gd/aUKCYn

1:52:12 DJ wants to know if having massive subs with oodles of headroom is just bragging rights or genuinely useful in some way.

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