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AV Rant #693: Zsa Zsa Gabor Hat for Your Speakers

April 17th, 2020

Our Listeners of the Week are Rohan and Andrew for their donations, our 112 Patreon Patrons, including Nathan, as well as Ben F. for talking us up to Accessories4Less, Joseph S. for mentioning us to miniDSP, and Nathan and Gurinder for light-heartedly keeping Rob in check. And a big thank you to all our AVRant Listeners for your continued support!

Pictures shown in this episode:

In the news:

– Sony revealed PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller: https://is.gd/Ndv1GB

– Disney+ reached 50 million subscribers in 5 months: https://is.gd/vLNkWE

– AMC Theaters is close to bankruptcy: https://is.gd/rEUkRv


– Brian F., John B. & Joe K. want to remind everyone to keep an eye out for webinars and online video conferences from your favorite manufacturers and AV companies.

– Carl let us know that automatic frame rate switching works on the Amazon Fire TV 4K and Roku Ultra.

– Jay A. shared Tom Norton’s dual subwoofer measurements and setup guide from Sound & Vision: https://is.gd/XKpdII

– Dan shared his method for mounting a JVC NX7 projector close to his ceiling, as well as warning about its mounting holes, which are farther apart than usual.

– Brandon N. says we were “spot on” about opting for physically larger satellite speakers.

0:25:03 Ian E. gets more details about corner bass traps, and the most efficient way to position them.

0:28:30 Kevin A. asks if Dolby’s plans to restrict which Upmixers work with which signals ever came to pass, how to get the most from his Front Wides, and how best to configure and position his Height speakers.
– Audioholics report on Dolby’s upmixing restrictions being withdrawn: https://is.gd/AMMZpa

0:41:16 Francisco Q. gets our take on Chane vs. Ascend speakers, and what we think might help the “clarity” of his speaker system.

0:51:56 Kevin H. wants unobtrusive, attractive-looking, affordable speakers for his “playroom”.
– KEF E305 speaker package: https://is.gd/q91SRx
– Rythmik F8 subwoofer: https://is.gd/RuTNaL
– Sewell Ghost Wire: https://is.gd/uDmDp7

0:58:48 Martin A. asks how much space is needed between an acoustically transparent screen and the speakers behind it.

1:00:52 Joseph S. asks if RBH speakers are the best choice for his small, dedicated room, what he can use as smaller, more affordable Surrounds, whether to skimp on his overheads, and where to get absorption panels in Canada.
– RBH Ultra-1: https://is.gd/OmO0vi
– SVS Prime Satellite: https://is.gd/HQJy64
– Ascend HTM-200SE: https://is.gd/npXANQ
– RBH VA-615: https://is.gd/OeyF7s
– RBH in-ceiling back cans: https://is.gd/EpZFAq
– Acoustic Panels Canada: https://www.acousticpanelscanada.com/

1:09:25 Joe K. asks about the best way to label overhead speakers after Trinnov’s webinar: https://is.gd/gsgHMc

1:12:16 Will T. wants to make sure his TCL TV and a HEOS Bar can function using just a TiVo remote.

1:14:39 Damien D. asks if he truly needs back cans for in-ceiling speakers, and how to maximize the usage of his insulation when building bass traps.
– Lithe Audio speaker fire hood: https://is.gd/34Cfyt

1:19:36 Andrew N. asks if an OLED is worth it if he’s only watching SDR.

1:23:00 David B. found some old, strange speaker drivers, and he wants to know what they were from.
– Yamaha “elephant ear” Electones bass guitar amp: https://is.gd/OpTlCh

1:24:16 Joe T. has us dive back in to judder, why he’s still seeing some after setting his sources to output 24p, and what his Sony OLED can do about it.

1:31:52 Ben F. and Francis A. ask about using individual crossover frequencies in their bass managements, and we discuss Audyssey’s mid-range compensation, and plugging devices into 20-amp outlets.

1:41:07 Nick B. gets more details about diffusion panels vs. absorption + diffusion combo panels, and a suggestion for a recessed plug and wall plate.
– RealTraps Ultimate Small Mixing Room: https://youtu.be/dB8H0HFMylojj
– Monoprice recessed receptacle and media wall plate: https://is.gd/BQtkTo

1:47:33 Lee O. asks if he should get a second SVS PB-2000, or a new PB-2000 Pro.

1:51:11 Infinite Gary has us dive into Samsung’s QD-OLED and QNED, and what our eyes can resolve in terms of resolution.

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