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AV Rant #691: Ceilings Are Optional

Our Listeners of the Week are Lee O. for his donation, our 113 Patreon Patrons, including Francis A., as well as Tap, Tom, Christian, Karl, Cesar, and everyone else who has sent messages of gratitude and good vibes our way. Thank you all so much!

Pictures shown in this episode:

In the news:

– Amazon Prime Video is adding user profiles: https://is.gd/3enrQF

– Via Lee H. – LG’s WebOS gets a dedicated Movies Anywhere App: https://is.gd/Fpof0D


– Jon Z. shared some photos of what happened when one of his Ascend Sierra-2 speakers fell off its stand.

0:19:55 Carlos P. asks if the Audyssey Editor App makes changes to both the Audyssey Reference and Audyssey Flat target curve options.

0:22:47 Tap T. asks about using a regular TV outside on his patio with a weatherproof cover: https://is.gd/VgwY3k
– 65″ Vizio V-Series: https://is.gd/iz2WZ1

0:29:41 Tom K. wants clarification about bass output from bookshelf speakers when you have a large volume of air.

0:33:57 Infinite Gary wants to know: why two professionally calibrated TVs don’t show identical colors, whether punch-you-in-the-gut bass is really a good thing, and whether a speaker with better delineation is always a sign of better performance and design.

0:47:00 Christian asks which online movies service is the best, besides Apple’s.

0:51:27 Richard J. asks if he should let his Epson 5050UB handle HDR tone mapping, or use MadVR software on an HTPC instead.

0:54:58 Bobby M. wants to power eight bass shakers, which leads to a discussion about series-parallel wiring.
– Dayton APA150: https://is.gd/i2vRQn

1:01:26 Ted M. gets a suggestion for how to do a blind listening comparison of two different headphone amps.
– ART SplitMix4: https://is.gd/eAQJlY

1:05:50 Jorge S. wants a way to play his surround sound system and his computer’s audio through one pair of headphones at the same time.
– Just Mixer 2: https://is.gd/fNseQo

1:08:20 Damien D. asks about side wall absorption panel placement, orienting corner bass traps, Monoprice Caliber in-ceiling speakers for Atmos, TV stand options, and Ultra HD Blu-ray playback options.
– Monoprice Caliber: https://is.gd/8NqVka
– Z-Line Electra TV Stand: https://is.gd/mmgrGq (Fry’s Clearance: https://is.gd/eBK32L )
– Panasonic UB420: https://is.gd/xrNTcZ
– MakeMKV recommended PC UHD Drives for backing up discs: https://is.gd/9qAEYI

1:19:50 Nick B. tries to sort out his Oppo BDP-83 issues, and we suggest an articulating wall mount for his 77″ OLED.
– Sanus VLF628: https://is.gd/4s2HdL

1:28:33 Jon asks which power conditioner to get when he has a Monoprice Monolith amplifier.
– APC J15: https://is.gd/GmGgSh
– APC J35B: https://is.gd/OBqsX8
– APC J25B: https://is.gd/i4RcOh
– APC P8V: https://is.gd/I4ig1o

1:30:51 Tony B. asks if his seat is too close to the very middle of his room, and if moving it a small amount will help.

1:35:31  Brian A. wants “total overkill”, and he asks if using his entire open ceiling as a bass trap will ruin that.

1:41:09 Cesar R. wants a change of speakers, and some suggestions other than SVS and Monoprice Monolith. And he asks about using a Center speaker standing vertically, and whether he should change his in-ceiling Atmos speakers.
– RBH Signature SV: https://is.gd/sNw3RW
– Ascend Sierra-2: https://is.gd/CLWFkG
– Ascend Sierra Luna: https://is.gd/FBJlcj
– Aperion Verus III Grand: https://is.gd/Fq8AP4
– KEF LS50: https://is.gd/edkYlT

1:46:51 Lee O. asks if he should fill the alcove behind his screen with sand or insulation, and where else to put absorption panels.

1:53:45 Nathan D. gets our take on powering six mono speakers in an office with an old AV Receiver.

1:57:19 Dan H. wants to know how to get Atmos audio on YouTube.

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