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AV Rant #689: HTMarket HT Design Seating & Ascend SE Speakers Listener Reviews

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Stick around to the end to hear Nick B.’s review of the HTMarket (https://www.htmarket.com/) HT Design Seating lineup, and Damien D.’s review of the Ascend Acoustics (http://ascendacoustics.com/) CMT-340SE and HTM-200SE speakers.

Pictures shown in this episode:

In the news:

– Via Andrew L. – Disney+ is now supporting Atmos audio on devices other than just the Apple TV 4K.

– WiSA will add Dolby Atmos support via a future firmware update: https://is.gd/NxsnJQ

– Microsoft revealed the internals, ports, and specs for the Xbox Series X: https://is.gd/RYtyci


– Damien D. suggests a scene in Iron Man 2 that has audio moving vertically for Infinite Gary.

– Steve H. suggests running an LCD projector in High Altitude Mode for a few hours to see if that clears a dust blob in the light path.

0:14:10 Andy M. has us sort through connecting his subwoofer to both his Marantz surround sound Receiver and his Emotiva 2-channel pre-amp.

0:21:28 Davide tries to finalize details for speaker and subwoofer placement in his Tuscan Villa.

0:32:18 Chris H. asks if a Samsung monitor’s lack of Dolby Vision is worth worrying about.

0:34:30 Bill C. needs an acoustically transparent projection screen that can deal with light-colored walls and ambient light.
– Elunevision Aurora 4K Perforated ALR: https://is.gd/4OBM8F

0:41:23 Christian asks what “LED with Quantum Dots” really means.

0:44:28 Francis A. asks what he should use to secure his bookshelf Surround speakers to speaker stands.
– Blu Tack: https://is.gd/J7wjhF
– Museum Putty: https://is.gd/J7wjhF

0:46:30 Gib G. asks if he should change any of his Sony A9F OLED settings.
– HDTVTest A9F videos: https://is.gd/TnktNH

0:50:34 Nick B. asks which Ultra HD Blu-ray players he should buy for his Living Room and theater, and what constant image width screen he should get.
– Panasonic UB420: https://is.gd/xrNTcZ
– Panasonic UB820: https://is.gd/3GcTxn
– SeymourAV Electric Retractable with Masking: https://is.gd/Ay1WlC

0:59:35 Joe K. asks about Front Wide speaker demo material, how to use the DTS Neural:X Upmixer for Front Wides, and labelling overhead speakers to work with Atmos, DTS:X, and Auro-3D.

1:07:03 Karl R. is looking for a 30-inch or larger computer monitor with HDR. And we point out some isues with Home Theater Review’s “What Are the Best 4K/Atmos Home Thaeter Demos?” article: https://is.gd/wPT1Fe
– VESA DisplayHDR certified monitors: https://is.gd/PsTGyd
– Samsung 32″ CHG70: https://is.gd/Mpqm9t

1:10:21 Rob G. wants more “fullness” to his audio, and he asks about woofer size, and comparing SVS Ultra vs. Tekton speakers.

1:22:04 Infinite Gary wants to know what he’d hear if he mixed ported and sealed subs. And we try to sort out why 1:1 pixel mapping goes away when he connects his FIOS Cable Box to a Sewell HDMI splitter.

1:29:51 Adam M. asks if he should build a small, enclosed room in his basement, or use a portion of a much larger room as his home theater. And we tackle orientation and screen size, too.

1:35:55 Brian E. asks which $1,000 55-inch TV and wall mount with horizontal placement adjustment he should buy.
– Sanus OLF18 Full-Motion Mount: https://is.gd/A9j0gY
– Sony X900F: https://is.gd/qPteCl

1:40:12 Adam G. wants to know why his Panasonic UB420 is able to send 4K with HDR to his Epson 5040UB projector, but his Xbox One X cannot.

1:44:51 Adam P. wants the best bang-for-buck 150-inch, acoustically transparent, electric, tab-tensioned projection screen, and he wants to know if it’s ok to store it in a cold garage.
– SeymourAV Retractable: https://is.gd/AujQpj
– Elunevision Reference Studio Audioweave 4K Tab-Tensioned: https://is.gd/HLTpm2

1:49:15 Francis A. asks if he should use the Audyssey Dynamic Volume and LPF for LFE settings recommended by Dreamedia Home Theater on YouTube.

1:53:49 Chris T. gets a deep dive on how the Epson 5040UB projector handles HDR.

– 2:06:34 Nick B.’s HTMarket HT Design Seating lineup review: https://is.gd/KsOXiL

– 2:12:59 Damien D.’s Ascend Acoustics CMT-340SE (https://is.gd/n3dRI3) and HTM-200SE (https://is.gd/npXANQ) speakers review.

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