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AV Rant #686: Vowels are Hard

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Our Listeners of the Week are Jonathan and Russell for their donations, and our 108 Patreon Patrons, including Justin B.

Pictures shown in this episode:

In the news:

– Samsung’s 2020 4K QLED TVs take a step backwards: https://is.gd/ng4Ycf

– Comcast might buy Vudu from Walmart: https://is.gd/hrItHj


– J.R. used our comments as motivation to buy new speakers and subs, but has a couple of speed-bumps. (0:15:00)

– Andrew L. wants to remind us that the Harmony Hub can work with voice assistants.

– Mike S. shows off his DIY wall treatments and trim, and shares a scary story about a rattling speaker installed behind fabric.

0:26:33 Damien D. asks why he’s getting inconsistent Audyssey results, and he’d like to better understand the subwoofer distance setting when running dual subs in mono.

0:33:27 Andrew B. has us go over his large basement construction plans, including: choosing the screen size and type, trying to equal JBL ARCOS on the cheap, speaker configuration, and soundproofing.
– Elunevision Aurora 4K ALR Perforated screen: https://is.gd/4OBM8F
– Multi-Sub Optimizer Software: https://is.gd/dOarPe

0:57:46 Francis A. wants to upgrade his satellite speakers…in style.
– Aperion Novus: https://is.gd/KjsiQX

1:02:42 Greg C. asks which model of SVS subwoofers he should buy.

1:05:59 Ryan wants to go through Panasonic UB420 Ultra HD Blu-ray player settings, and asks about deep color, how to know how bright your TV gets, why HDR looks too dark, and how good 4K ought to look compared to 1080p.
– Panasonic Ultra HD Blu-ray player settings: https://youtu.be/5–CUvUwhro?t=3088
– RTings TV Reviews with nit measurements: https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews

1:16:24 Christian asks for a PC speaker recommendation.
– AudioEngine A2+: https://is.gd/qtWBCQ

1:18:10 Dan gets Tom and Rob to list all of their personal home theater gear.

1:28:02 Infinite Gary wants to know how the audio levels are handled when playing an Atmos soundtrack through a 5.1 system.

1:31:09 Cody T. requests a Blu-ray player recommendation.
– Sony BDP-S3700: https://is.gd/K7fCyK
– Sony UBP-X800M2: https://is.gd/qOjCAl

1:35:00 Andrew L. wants to know which Ultra HD Blu-ray player to buy in Canada.
– Panasonic UB420: https://is.gd/pPknqI
– Panasonic UB820: https://is.gd/hcGRik

1:37:35 Jonathan R. asks for clarification about some of the details in Rob’s:
-12 Step Guide to Setting Up Dual Subwoofers: http://www.avrant.com/a-12-step-guide-to-setting-up-dual-subwoofers/

– AudioCheck .net Sweep Generator: https://www.audiocheck.net/audiofrequencysignalgenerator_sweep.php

1:41:32 Nick B. asks which backer boxes he should use for his Sonance in-ceiling speakers, how to install one pair in a drop tile ceiling, and how to stop spinning out of control when trying to decide what display to buy.

1:54:30 David B. wants the cheapest 50″ TV that can stream from both iOS and Android.
– Vizio V505-G9: https://is.gd/PE3B3P

1:57:59 Chris T. wants to know how to handle his existing gear rack placement when he’s undertaking new soundproof theater construction.

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