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AV Rant #684: Rob Solo

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5.1 Computer Speakers & Amps, OLED Light Settings & more

Tom had to leave unexpectedly about half way through this episode. So prepare yourselves for a whole lot of Rob this week. Sorry!

Our Listeners of the Week are our 106 Patreon Patrons, as well as Tony R. and Joe K. both for talking us up to SVS.

Pictures shown in this episode:

In the news:

– Redbox launched Redbox Free Live TV: https://is.gd/zBZK2q


– Herb from Cross-Spectrum Labs informed us that production delays in China mean he is out of stock of individually calibrated UMIK-1 measurement microphones for the time being: http://cross-spectrum.com/measurement/calibrated_umik.html

0:09:32 Brian F. finds out why aligning the genuine 4K resolution image of his JVC NX7 to his 16:9 screen has been impossible, but we’re stumped as to why he’s seeing sparkles on his matte white Silver Ticket screen.

0:20:34 Rob G. asks why his Dayton SA-1000 amplifier draws so much power when it’s in standby. And we discuss what happens to your Receiver’s internal amplifiers when you use it as a pre-pro, and why dedicated pre-pros are more expensive.

0:28:55 Ken B. gets recommendations for compact 5.1 speakers packages that can be used for a desktop setup, and 5.1 amplification to drive them.
– Pyle compact 5-channel amplifier: https://is.gd/qGSsDY
– Denon X1500H: https://is.gd/xF9GWv
– Monoprice 10565 5.1 speakers: https://is.gd/TSIwfj
– Monoprice HT-35 Premium 5.1 speakers: https://is.gd/6XMZhm
– Focal Sib & Cub: https://is.gd/tqpyY0

0:37:12 Jay A. asks how to wire two pairs of side Surround speakers with the option to switch or combine, which universal remote to buy, whether he should jump on a discount on demo speakers, how best to secure a seating riser, which projector to buy, and what else he should do before closing up his drywall.
– Monoprice 4-channel speaker selector: https://is.gd/ZmzK64
– Harmony Elite: https://is.gd/bIyWsd

0:53:17 Joe T. asks about his Apple TV 4K forgetting its settings, which Dolby Vision picture mode to use, how to get his Receiver to automatically select the listening modes he wants, and why a disc that says it has Atmos didn’t play in Atmos.

1:01:13 Carlton B. wants to know why the Infuse App for Apple TV announced support for Dolby Atmos when it’s only for the lossy Dolby Digital Plus version, not the lossless version: https://firecore.com/blog/24493

1:04:01 R.D. wants opinions on some in-wall speaker options, and he wants to be sure they’ll be an upgrade to his current setup.
– Axiom M5HP: https://is.gd/UdeQ6W
– Focal 300 IW6: https://is.gd/y23TeI
– RBH VM616: https://is.gd/eOw5ad
– RBH SI740: https://is.gd/sq5zHX
– PSB W-LCR: https://is.gd/LdItvD

1:11:57 Daryl A. asks about his Surround speakers that are installed in his back wall, and whether he should change them to bi-pole on-walls.
– Klipsch RP-140D on-wall: https://is.gd/nWQZoE

1:15:27 Nick K. wants to know the best way to connect a new turntable and share it with his whole house when he already has a Marantz Receiver and a Sonos Port.

1:19:39 Andy M. finds out why his Front L/R speakers weren’t making any sound when using his Emotiva USP-1’s HT Inputs for home theater bypass.

1:24:52 Christian S. would like a JVC NX9 for 4K and HDR, but he’s worried about fan noise, since he’s coming from a very quiet Sony projector.

1:31:02 Jeremy asks if there are any other in-wall speakers he should consider before he buys, which exact Klipsch in-wall models he should buy if he goes with them, which subwoofer to buy and if it’s ok to start with one, whether the Klipsch wireless subwoofer kit is ok, and whether he should consider six overhead speakers.

1:40:27 Karl R. gets our thoughts on Sound & Vision’s “Are the Days of High-End Video Projection Numbered?”: https://is.gd/M4Hvrq

1:42:42 Brandon N. asks about Surround speaker placement in a 5.2.4 configuration, whether he should re-label his Tops and Heights, which slim (front to back) Center speaker to consider, whether ribbon tweeters are worth the upgrade cost, where it would be best to put panels and how thick, and whether corner bass traps will help when the back of his room is open.

1:55:14 Chris T. wants to know if the Epson 5050UB is worth the price over the BenQ HT3550, and if he should keep his old projector around strictly for 3D.

1:59:27 Eric V. asks if the OLED light setting on LG OLED TVs should be lowered to 40 for HDR as well as SDR.

2:01:18 Infinite Gary asks if the dynamic range compression described in a 2005 edition of Film Score magazine (pg. 49: https://is.gd/ntUBFg ) is still common today.

2:04:44 Dennis M. asks if he should opt for 5.3.4 or 7.3.2.

2:05:34 Yanick D. wants to know how to connect an Apple TV 4K to both a Marantz Receiver and a separate stereo integrated amplifier that doesn’t have HDMI.

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