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AV Rant #682: Suck That Tweeter

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UPCOMING INTERVIEW: We’ll be talking with Alan Hutchinson, the owner of HTMarket.com on Feb. 19. Our focus will be their HT Design Home Theater Seating, but feel free to ask anything HTMarket-related.

Our Listeners of the Week are Jacob for his donation, and our 106 Patreon Patrons, as well as SVS for featuring our recent interview with Gary Yacoubian and Nick Brown in their Feb. 2020 newsletter ( https://www.svsound.com/blogs/newsletters ), Infinite Gary for talking us up to Sewell, and Lee Overstreet for mentioning us to Accessories4Less.

Pictures shown in this episode:

In the news:

– Via Kris P. – MoviePass is truly dead: https://is.gd/d1ke7R

– GoldenEar Technology has been sold to The Quest Group (AudioQuest): https://is.gd/Dt8jBM


– Andrew L. and Carl both wanted further details about putting speakers at 45 degree elevation angles and labelling them as Front and Rear Heights for maximum immersive audio format compatibility: (page 25: https://is.gd/VmcdzD )

0:13:38 Damien D. gets suggestions for high output, high value subwoofers, prompts a discussion about drop ceiling tiles, and asks about in-ceiling speakers, Front Wides, flush wall-mounts, and why his Room EQ Wizard sweeps are too loud.
– HSU VTF-15H MK2: https://is.gd/dA8lYF
– Power Sound Audio V1512DF: https://is.gd/eUDrZH
– Monoprice Monolith M15: https://is.gd/d0BHyH
– Rythmik FV15HP: https://is.gd/Vx24xj
– Monoprice Sycamore 3-way in-ceiling: https://is.gd/N6dqRC
– Pinpoint AM45LCR.F flush wall mount: https://is.gd/GFTJKJ

0:29:12 Mike M. wants to know if he upgrades his Receiver now, if it will last 10 years.

0:34:57 Tom K. asks if he should move his partition wall, and if he should try spandex as a DIY screen.

0:42:37 John B. asks if the 2019 NVidia Shield Pro is a better Plex Server than older Shield models.

0:43:45 James S. asks if he can use an old Receiver and an Amazon Echo to power some whole house audio speakers.
– Echo Link Amp: https://is.gd/x9nxo9

0:47:36 Gurinder asks about Panasonic UB420 Ultra HD Blu-ray player settings, auto-upscaling, converting HDR to SDR, having his Receiver’s video processing turned on, and what to do about a dented tweeter.
– HDTV Test explains Panasonic’s HDR Optimizer: https://youtu.be/oTw_Toh0PzA

0:57:12 Bill B. asks why some apps on his Xbox One S are delivering Atmos, but others aren’t.

0:59:22 Alvin C. asks why his DVDs come out of his Xbox One as Atmos audio, how to auto-switch audio on his Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, why he didn’t notice his Surround Back speakers weren’t even powered, and what’s the proper method for measuring speaker trim levels.

1:09:39 Michael A. gets confirmation that he sits far enough away in a large enough room for Towers to make sense.
– SVS Prime Pinnacle: https://is.gd/xgRULk

1:12:27 Josh S. wants to know what we think is the best orientation four his basement theater area, and how many speakers to install.

1:19:37 Paul T. wonders if four overhead speakers and the Auromatic Upmixer will sound better specifically for music, and whether he should upgrade his Receiver.

1:31:29 Manuel T. asks what he should buy first when replacing more than one piece of malfunctioning gear, and whether he should repair, replace, or keep some of what he has.

1:38:34 Jacob B. has the most bizarre Receiver and Center channel malfunction we’ve ever heard, and wants to know what to do about it.

1:43:40 Chris M. wants a second subwoofer that is physically small.
– SVS SB-2000 Pro: https://is.gd/Ru7INJ

1:45:42 Ilango T. wants in-ceiling speakers with fire-rated back cans that will fit in a shallow depth, but he wants to know what that will do to the sound quality.
– RBH VA-615: https://is.gd/OeyF7s
– RBH BC-6Rs: https://is.gd/fPpwss

1:49:54 Mark G. wants a well-soundproofed basement theater, and he asks which construction methods are really necessary and beneficial.
– Soundproofing Company: https://www.soundproofingcompany.com/

1:59:23 Noah L. asks if a certain Sound & Vision article is correct when they say Harman’s multi-sub method doesn’t really work, and that you need to align the phases of wave fronts and obliterate bass at the back wall instead.

2:06:33 Dan gets the scoop on Crystal Edge ALR screen paint.

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