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AV Rant #681: Welcome Max Headroom

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UPCOMING INTERVIEW: We’ll be talking with Alan Hutchinson, the owner of HTMarket.com on Feb. 19. Our focus will be their HT Design Home Theater Seating, but feel free to ask anything HTMarket-related. 

Some technical issues led to this episode sounding a little rough (it’s difficult to have a smooth conversation when you can’t hear each other. Who knew?) But hopefully you’ll still find it enjoyable.

Our Listeners of the Week are Roger for his donation, our 106 Patreon Patrons, including Jeff K., and Andrew L. for completing our Patreon Prize Draw and agreeing to send the winner, Joseph P. (aka Turned Toast), a cool model of an X-Wing.

Pictures shown in this episode: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmL2u8Bb

In the news:

– Bluetooth LE Audio promises broadcasts and better battery life with its new LC3 codec: https://is.gd/76YSFr

– Via Karl R. – CNET’s guide to watching SuperBowl LIV in 4K HDR: https://is.gd/uKUspI


– Lee V. has had two Epson 5040UB units fail on him, but Epson keeps quickly replacing them for free.

0:11:52 Jaremy P. asks if he should go back to his in-wall speakers and subs after using a SoundBar, and if he can simplify his wiring down to just an optical cable by doing so.

0:22:11 Joe T. asks about the LFE vs. LFE+Main subwoofer output setting, as well as the Direct and Pure Direct listening modes.

0:27:50 Damien D. wants to know if we prefer the BenQ HT3550 or the Epson HC 4010 projector if they’re similarly priced.

0:29:59 Jonathan R. asks about Dolby Vision looking too dark on his Sony LCD TV, whether his preference for a smaller screen size is ok, and how to convince his wife that acoustic panels are a good idea.

0:38:27 Tim C. pays us the ultimate compliment. Then he asks if he should upgrade anything in his theater, to which we say, an OLED would be worth it, but it will lead to other purchases, as well.

0:55:28 Ben F. gets us talking about what audio tracks and videos we use to test audio systems and evaluate them.
– Tom’s speaker shootout CD: https://is.gd/Cl7Zbr
– Spears & Munsil: https://is.gd/TZnfB5

1:01:47 Andrew L. and Chris T. ask about Dolby’s confusing speaker layout diagrams. We delve into the best Atmos speaker positions and labels now that we better understand how DTS:X handles things. And we discuss professional video calibration and Ultra High Speed HDMI cables: https://is.gd/u6Rikn

1:11:56 Don G. wants to know the best way to limit how high Audyssey’s EQ goes, and whether or not he should purchase a measurement microphone.
– Cross-Spectrum Labs calibrated USB mic: https://is.gd/R4xQMb

1:15:21 Nathan D. wants to send Zone 2 HDMI to a monitor with speakers, but control the volume from the signal side, not at the monitor itself, so we propose a workaround.

1:17:16 Infinite Gary wants a Receiver auto-setup that doesn’t require a smartphone or laptop, but still offers more than one save slot, and he also asks what happens if you run an auto-setup with two subwoofers, but then turn one subwoofer off.
– Yamaha RX-A3080 “Setting Pattern” (pg. 131): https://is.gd/aAgQmi

1:21:36 Jason E. asks about adjusting his non-adjustable projector mount, upgrading his screen size, settings for his JVC NX7 projector, Panasonic UB420, and PS4 Pro, and whether he should get a new Receiver.
– Projector Central JVC NX7 review w/ settings: https://is.gd/kBTlVy
– Panasonic Ultra HD Blu-ray player settings: https://youtu.be/5–CUvUwhro?t=3088
– PS4 Pro settings: https://youtu.be/31Mf5_06rO0
– Denon X3600H: https://is.gd/mjbezO
– Outlaw Model 5000: https://is.gd/NIJfC8

1:35:45 Zeke N. wants to know whether it’s distortion or just sheer SPL that causes ear fatigue, and what he can do to get the tactile impact he wants from his SVS PB-1000 subwoofer.

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