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AV Rant #673: Last Q&A of 2019

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PRIZE DRAW: When we reach 100 Patreon Patrons, Andrew L. has graciously offered to send a hand-made collectible of a Sci-Fi-themed model to one lucky Patron! Let’s see if we can get to 100 by Christmas!

Our Listeners of the Week are Michael and Rohan for their donations, our 96 Patreon Patrons (getting close!), including Richard P. Jim D. & TurnedToast, as well as James “House of Cards” for talking us up to Parts-Express, and Tom K. for sending Rob an Amazon gift card.

Pictures shown in this episode:

In the news:

– Canada’s Cineplex is sold to Cineworld: https://is.gd/Iao5Ze

– Tidal brings Dolby Atmos Music to Android: https://is.gd/VMm12O

– Microsoft unveils Xbox Series X: https://is.gd/b33yNv


– Ryan T. updates us on his speaker and Receiver choices, and home theater build.

0:16:04 Karl R. gets our reactions to Audiophile Review’s Do Cables With EQ Built-in Make Sense in a World with Digital Room Correction? (https://is.gd/SB9eIC) and some Apple TV+ shows losing Dolby Vision (https://is.gd/3Th9iw).

0:22:44 Chris T. is trying to troubleshoot why his friend’s Philips Hue lights aren’t working.
– Contact Richard Gunther at The Digital Media Zone: https://www.thedigitalmediazone.com/contact/

0:29:35 Denis N. asks about room orientation and screen size.

0:33:20 Karl L. wants a way to use his wireless gaming headset with his AV Receiver.
– stereo 3.5mm to stereo 1/4″ cable: https://is.gd/pT1Mwh

0:35:23 Michael I. asks if distance settings or Audyssey impact a “subwoofer crawl”.

0:40:11 Aaron R. gets our thoughts on using a pair of Amazon Echo Studio speakers instead of an Atmos SoundBar.

0:42:56 Richard P. asks about using an HD Fury Linker to down-convert 4K60 HDR signals for his Epson TW9300 (aka 5040UB) projector.

0:50:39 Patricio P. has minor issues with his refurbished Marantz Receiver that we troubleshoot. And he asks about larger, affordable, retractable, AT screen options.
– Elite Screens Spectrum w/ AcousticPro UHD: https://is.gd/bk4Smr

1:02:28 Dean T. gets us to check some trigonometry for corner mounting a large TV.

1:08:01 Jon is overheating his Receiver, despite efficient speakers, plus he asks about amps, SVS subs, and Center stands.
– Denon X3500H: https://is.gd/3s87mU
– Emotiva BasX A-300: https://is.gd/TzAife
– Monoprice Monolith 2X: https://is.gd/cGld1z
– Outlaw Model 2200: https://is.gd/5Uvymy
– Sanus Steel Series: https://is.gd/ADWC8U

1:20:54 Bobby M. wants more tactile bass, and he asks about potential speaker and projector upgrades.

1:28:59 Ryan asks about using an HDMI audio extractor, setting his Receiver’s Reference Volume, noise floor, projector black levels, lens positioning, keystone correction, getting perfect projection alignment, and lamp life and replacement.
– Sewell Siphon: https://is.gd/Zm8tnP

1:44:31 Tom K. asks if he should match his Ascend Sierra Duo with Sierra-2 or Sierra-2 EX speakers.

1:46:18 Will T. gets quick settings tips for his BenQ HT3550, Panasonic UB420, and Apple TV 4K.

1:48:50 Andrew L. asks about his Audyssey Editor App before and after graphs, and how to combat a dip at 110 Hz.

1:53:29 Infinite Gary requests opinions on Outlaw’s current LCRv2 and BLSv2 speakers by Joe D’Appolito, and what listening mode to use for a 5.0 signal.
– Audioholics Outlaw v2 speaker review: https://is.gd/qpmTFk

2:00:17 Victor D. pre-wired for two sets of Surround speakers, and he wants to know how to wire them to run off a single amplifier channel.
– Butt Splice: https://is.gd/Jc5mYw

2:05:34 Gurinder the Grim asks about Canadian vs. American digital download codes, and the best way to handle HDR and wide color on his JVC X790 projector.

2:09:11 TurnedToast asks if his near-wall speaker placement is hurting his sound quality, and where to put his DIY acoustic panels.

2:11:52 Gary C. asks if his screen is too big.

2:15:01 Matt C. wants to know which of his speakers to upgrade.
– Aperion In-Wall: https://is.gd/fSrOAu
– NHT Super Series: https://is.gd/ARFo7k

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