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AV Rant #668: All My Speakers Are Winners

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Our Listeners of the Week are Adam and Thomas for their donations, our 90 Patreon Patrons, including Patricio P. and Michael K., as well as Vince H. and Dan C. who each sent Rob an Amazon gift card.

Pictures shown in this episode: 

In the news:

– Via Jay – Warner Bros. stored Superman: The Movie on Microsoft’s Project Silica glass storage medium: https://is.gd/jjqAT5

– Vizio added HDR10+ support to some 2018 and 2019 TV models: https://is.gd/I7mVOk

– Apple TV+ offers relatively high streaming video bitrates: https://is.gd/p0rkwI

– Disney+ launched. Rob offers super early impressions. And Western Europe will get it March 31: https://is.gd/ahhLjJ

0:16:55 Juls has a large, open space. He wants a new 85″ TV, advice on subs, his choice of Receiver and speakers, in-wall speaker placement, Atmos, and whole house audio.
– Samsung 82″ Q80R: https://is.gd/EimAZv
– Monitor Audio IW260X: https://is.gd/BAsApf
– Home Theater Direct Whole House Audio: https://is.gd/pHWW0J

0:40:27 Ryan F. asks if he should upgrade his projector, or take a hit on screen size to get an OLED.

0:43:45 Aras V. wants to know if his ethernet cable is creating a surge protection risk.

0:46:22 Mark N. wants to add wireless Surround speakers to his self-powered Kii Three setup.
– Yamaha RX-A880 w/ MusicCast Surrounds: https://is.gd/r8P5tD
– Amphony Model 1800 Wireless transmitter and amps: https://is.gd/WIwvIk

0:49:15 Tate L. would like to include his iTunes movie purchases in his local media server interface.
– Plex Forum discussion re: iTunes: https://is.gd/nitSfv

0:52:50 Adam G. gets confirmation about Denon Receiver models that can expand from 5.2.4 to 7.2.4. We discuss which Atmos configuration he should install.

1:00:33 Brandon N. auditioned Ascend Sierra RAAL Towers vs. GoldenEar Triton Two Towers, and he picked a winner. But he wants 100% satisfaction, so he asks about other potential options.
– Harman How To Listen: http://harmanhowtolisten.blogspot.com/
– RBH Signature: https://is.gd/GN3Oyo
– Focal Electra Be: https://is.gd/KhT6yq
– Legacy Audio: https://is.gd/IzsCpf

1:19:43 Infinite Gary asks what TV tech we anticipate will be at CES 2020. And we talk about audio and video formats on DVD discs.

1:23:37 Patricio P. notices a difference in the sound of his KEF Surround speakers vs. all his other Klipsch speakers. He asks if he should upgrade all his Klipsch speakers. We offer a Klipsch alternative to his KEFs.
– Klipsch on-wall speakers: https://is.gd/pLqW0s

1:31:08 Andrew L. wants to know all about speaker sensitivity.

1:41:01 Dan C. wants a new TV for his bedroom, and the many options have rapidly blown his budget.
– TCL 6-Series: https://is.gd/GRpWCX

1:43:59 Tom K. is sending video directly to his TV, and audio directly to his Receiver using his Ultra HD Blu-ray player’s two HDMI outputs. But he has lip sync issues. We also discuss M-T-M Center speaker designs vs. a tweeter-midrange stack.
– HDFury Integral 2: https://is.gd/0KHFZh

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