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AV Rant #667: The Great Culling of Streaming Services

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Our Listeners of the Week are Steve for his donation, and our 88 Patreon Patrons, including James “House of Cards” C.

Pictures shown in this episode: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmJbfsn1

In the news:

– Netflix will stop working on most pre-2012 devices: https://is.gd/vRRDTU

– Sony is killing PlayStation Vue: https://is.gd/Fsvbnd

– Walmart might sell Vudu: https://is.gd/EPXF3Q

– HBO Max launches May 2020 for $15/month: https://is.gd/hHqwtl
– And they paid $500 million for South Park: https://is.gd/RHWGvs

– 2019 NVidia Shield TV & Shield TV Pro fall a hair short of being the runaway best streaming box: https://is.gd/Bf9OAI

0:22:16 Luke K. wants skinny speakers, and he wants to know why most speakers use one, large mid-bass driver rather than a whole bunch of tiny drivers.
– Revel Concerta M8 SP2: https://is.gd/46gBlu
– GoldenEar SuperSat 3: https://is.gd/daUrhq
– Polk S35: https://is.gd/K3kTSx
– Audioengine A2+: https://is.gd/2VT8P6

0:33:28 Aidan C. wants two 4K HDR TVs, one under 50″, and one 65″-75″.
– 49″ Sony X900F: https://is.gd/7x7l3K
– 49″ Samsung Q70R: https://is.gd/KsLKXN

75″ TVs mentioned:
– LG C9 OLED: https://is.gd/bcsU0C
– Samsung Q90R: https://is.gd/DEbjnQ
– Vizio P Quantum X: https://is.gd/6hLeC0
– Samsung Q80R: https://is.gd/x61Al6
– Q70R: https://is.gd/FKwZLQ
– Sony X900F: https://is.gd/9rzJgs
– Vizio P Quantum: https://is.gd/5ViLX9

0:39:39 Infinite Gary gets our take on CEDIA’s report from AES about Atmos music. And we discuss the port placement on the new Elac Carina speakers.
– CEDIA Podcast: Report from AES: https://is.gd/nzJk3A
– Elac Carina Series: https://is.gd/BE2aCm
– Andrew Jones on Carina design: https://youtu.be/FTKeW9LUzCE

0:54:47 Matt C. (and Karl and Chris) get our thoughts on NVidia’s AI Upscaling. Then we discuss which device in the chain should upscale, whether a new form of upscaling counts as picture “enhancement”, and how AI Upscaling compares and contrasts with audio upmixing.
– NVidia AI Upscaling: https://is.gd/BjE68i

1:08:21 Mike S. is frustrated with Plex, and we discuss metadata management.

1:14:24 Karl R. wants to know if we still hate Apple AirPods now that they’re “Pro”.

1:18:07 Lee Overstreet gets 75″ TV recommendations (see above), entry-level audio package suggestions, thoughts on DIY panels and ways to finish a ceiling, and a list of the cheapest projectors we recommend.
– Denon X1500H: https://is.gd/wzNtXw
– Klipsch Reference Theater Pack: https://is.gd/IpJ0AR
– Pioneer Andrew Jones 5.0 Tower Pack: https://is.gd/jnuwNc
– Dayton SUB-1200: https://is.gd/oZlbyW
– BenQ HT2050A: https://is.gd/CbvsTg
– BenQ MH535FHD: https://is.gd/qfY0xR
– BenQ MW535A: https://is.gd/Tqdsp8

1:36:38 Chris H. says his church’s projector developed a bad hot spot over time, so we try to figure out what to do.

1:40:11 Jack R. asks how far apart subwoofers need to be to no longer be co-located.

1:43:55 Steve S. wants to know if there’s a way to get the trade-show-exclusive Dolby Atmos/Vision demo disc to play on his projector. Then we discuss panel and Atmos speaker placement.

1:50:51 Jack R. wants to know how far he should go in his soundproofing efforts.

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