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AV Rant #666: Scary Expensive Speaker Cable

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Happy Halloween! It’s Episode #666! Spooky!

Our Listeners of the Week are Chad and Kevin for their donations, our 89 Patreon Patrons, and also Vincent for sending Tom an Amazon gift card.

Pictures shown in this episode: 

In the news:
– Via Karl R. – Sling TV offers free “guest” content on more devices: https://is.gd/04ZdRJ
– Netflix is testing optional playback speed options on Android: https://is.gd/qQvjHP
– Iconoclast Cables are expensive “audiophile” wires assembled by Blue Jeans Cable: https://is.gd/0yrNek

– James W. advocates for fiber optic HDMI cables, even at lengths shorter than 50 feet.

0:23:41 Chris M. asks why his bass disappeared when he set his Xbox One to 2.0 stereo audio output.

0:30:07 Aras V. gets confirmation for his plans to upgrade to KEF speakers. Then we discuss imaging in surround sound, expanding to 9.2.6 or more, and why some Center speakers have more woofers than others.

0:43:36 Mark O. wants to know if the Panasonic UB420 Ultra HD Blu-ray player would be any benefit with a 1080p SDR projector.
– Panasonic UB420: https://is.gd/i9Pctw

0:45:46 Raf asks if he can match less expensive in-ceiling Atmos speakers with his MK Sound S150’s.
– Aperion in-ceiling: https://is.gd/34S8J1
– Elac Debut in-ceiling: https://is.gd/fLRaF6
– DynaBox retrofit enclosure: https://is.gd/Qn0ObX

0:51:09 Steve requests wireless HDMI options in Canada.
– Monoprice Blackbird WiHD: https://is.gd/ZnjOb4
– IOGear GW3DHD: https://is.gd/SWN9QN

0:53:48 Christian S. wants to know why people hear an echo of themselves when he chats with them using his Sennheiser PC 360 SE headset. Then we suggest 65″ LCD TVs under $2,000 with the least “blooming” or “halos” around small, bright images.
– Samsung Q80R: https://is.gd/iybqlL
– Vizio P Quantum X: https://is.gd/sv1gyK

1:04:10 Ted M. gets clarification about sending a mono signal to dual subwoofers, and what Audyssey SubEQ HT is doing with its independent dual sub outputs. Then we discuss the Legacy Audio I-V7 Class D amps.
– 12 Step Guide to Setting Up Dual Subwoofers: http://www.avrant.com/a-12-step-guide-to-setting-up-dual-subwoofers/
– Legacy Audio I-V7: https://is.gd/DlhBjw
– ATI AT54 Class D amps: https://is.gd/qzHc2c

1:21:33 Chad B. gets our take on how he should acoustically treat his Living Room.

1:25:10 Clara asks if we restrict our EQ frequency range, and whether we think she ought to.

1:29:42 Andrew L. asks if he should get a 77″ OLED, an 82″ 4K QLED, or if an 8K TV would be worth it over either of them.

1:41:23 Rob W. saw the hype about the Anker Nebula Cosmos Max projector and wants to know if it’s going to upend the market.
– Anker Nebula Cosmos projectors: https://is.gd/GzcR4o

1:45:30 Jason G. wants a SoundBar or Speaker Bar for his new Living Room.
– Perhaps a Sound Base: https://is.gd/Tm3ThE
– Yamaha Digital Sound Projector: https://is.gd/dzurpn
– KEF HTF8003: https://is.gd/qNIKF7
– Klipsch RP-440D: https://is.gd/g6ZxDh

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