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AV Rant #665 MK2: Gemini Man HFR Review

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Our Listeners of the Week are our 87 Patreon Patrons, including Brian F.

Lee Overstreet is our guest co-host this week while Tom is away.

Pictures shown in this episode:

In the news:

– RBH is discontinuing the Impression and Impression Elite speakers we often recommend, but new versions are in the works:

– New NVidia Shield TV “Tube” and “Pro” models add Dolby Vision:


– Billy M. – Let us know that plugging a Panasonic UB420 Ultra HD Blu-ray player into his Oppo 203 let him use both the HDR Optimizer and anamorphic lens scaling with his projector.

– Lee Overstreet – shares his thoughts on the frame rate of HBO via Amazon Prime Video, and his disappointment with 4K broadcasts of college football.

0:18:34 Brian F. asks if he should get a “Theo” Optoma UHZ65 projector, as modified by TV Specialists, instead of a JVC D-iLA model.

0:27:10 Brannon M. asks about projection distance for his Epson 5040UB, ceiling mounts, picture settings, Panasonic’s HDR Optimizer, Apple TV 4K settings, and acoustic panel placement.
– Peerless PRG: https://is.gd/IwyX1C
– Projector Reviews Epson 5040/6040UB settings (scroll down to the bottom: https://is.gd/KPnR1w

0:46:19 Shawn W. requests 75-inch or larger TV suggestions for around $1,500.
– TCL 615: https://is.gd/qAQnYY
– Vizio P Series Quantum: https://is.gd/5ViLX9
– Samsung RU8000: https://is.gd/zItA2v

0:50:51 Infinite Gary gets Lee talking about VHS Hi-Fi vs cassettes, and Rob talking about Canadian NHL broadcasts.
– VHS Hi-Fi: https://is.gd/C5wD90

1:00:54 William B. asks about the best paint and color temperature for lighting. Then we talk about how much space is needed behind an acoustically transparent screen, Ascend Sierra-2 EX output capabilities, and neutral on-wall speaker options.
– Sherwin-Williams neutral gray paint: https://is.gd/cww7HH
– Ideal Lume D6500 lighting: https://is.gd/qZA92u
– Ascend Sierra-2 EX: https://is.gd/Qh37ty
– RBH on-wall speakers: https://is.gd/HrTv05
– Legacy Audio on-walls: https://is.gd/fzFcTO

1:13:13 Lior stumps us with a strange DTS Neural:X volume glitch, and we talk about using the Audyssey Editor App save & load options.

1:19:05 Stefan B. requests the best “budget” 75-inch TV, so we refer to Shawn W.’s question above.

1:20:50 Dan C. gets a list of AV Receivers that can do at least 5.2.4.

1:25:04 Leighton has older speakers with foam woofer surrounds that are degrading. We discuss repair options, and talk about replacement speaker options.
– Aperion Intimus: https://is.gd/vhxuD4

1:29:33 Adam G. asks about room layout, seating distance, screen size, Center speaker placement, projector choices, dual vs. single subwoofer placement, and Atmos.

1:46:16 Lee & Rob review Gemini Man with a focus on how it looked in high frame rate.

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