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AV Rant #665: Microsoft Playstation 6

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Our Listeners of the Week are our 86 Patreon Patrons, including Brian F., as well as Bill W. for confirming Mike S.’ corrections regarding 20 amp circuits needing 12 gauge wire.

Pictures shown in this episode: 

In the news:

– Sony’s PlayStation 5 is coming in 2020 with haptic feedback:

– The first residential installation of Samsung’s The Wall micro-LED display took three days:


– Cody T. suggests plugging an audio streaming device into a portable battery to turn any Bluetooth speaker into a WiFi speaker.

– Joseph H. found a ridiculous power cord with some truly absurd marketing copy:

0:20:56 Karl R. gets our take on Audiophile Review’s article: Which are More Accurate: Headphones or Loudspeakers?
– article link: https://is.gd/S7cTat

0:27:22 Derek W. has further clarification and questions about the Xbox One’s audio output settings for video streaming services.

0:39:53 Ryan K. gets tips on Atmos speaker placement, Surround Back speakers, seating distance, long HDMI cables, and the BenQ HT3550.
– Blue Jeans Cable Series-3A Active HDMI: https://www.bluejeanscable.com/store/hdmi-cables/hdmi-cable.htm
– BenQ HT3550: https://www.benq.com/en-us/projector/cineprime-home-cinema/ht3550.html

0:58:01 Mike V. likes Yamaha MusicCast and the BAR400, but he needs more output.
– Yamaha YSP-5600 Digital Sound Projector: https://is.gd/dzurpn
– Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-440D Passive Speaker Bar: https://is.gd/g6ZxDh
– SVS SB-2000 or PC-2000: https://is.gd/hESzQo
– Yamaha RX-A780: https://is.gd/ZQwqyK

1:06:58 Mike G. really dislikes Pioneer MCACC and wants to know if we actually recommended it.

1:11:21 Infinite Gary asks if we really think projection setups will go away in favor of modular displays one day, and we discuss flat panel manufacturing: https://is.gd/v87V9o

1:20:10 Lee Overstreet gets our take on Ang Lee’s Gemini Man being shot in a format that no theater in North America and no home system can display: https://is.gd/ZPsHsR

1:24:26 Rob G. asks whether AV Receivers add input lag for games.

1:27:37 Vince H. is trying to find a non-headphone solution for his mom who has severe hearing loss. And we talk about the new PS4 HDR settings.
– Avantree Lock AptX LL: https://is.gd/drLFJk
– AudioEngine self-powered speakers: https://is.gd/wls5jH
– PS4 HDR Tuning Settings: https://youtu.be/31Mf5_06rO0
– HDR Gaming Interest Group: https://www.hgig.org/

1:39:52 Jonathan F. & Karl R. both requested our take on The Guardian’s article, “Deafening Cinema Sound is Ruining Films”: https://is.gd/wZPt6E

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