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AV Rant #663: Anti-Money Grab

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Pictures shown in this episode:

In the news:
– Monoprice Monolith THX Tower for $850 each: https://is.gd/YjnYDh
– Monolith THX Tower w/ Atmos-enabled, upward-firing drivers built-in for $1,000 each: https://is.gd/B9eweo

– NEXTGEN TV is the official CTA name for ATSC 3.0: https://is.gd/1kOqTl

– Oculus Quest VR headset gets hand tracking and USB-C PC connection: https://is.gd/U7BUqS

– Jack R. shared a Twenty Thousand Hertz Podcast episode: The [Compressed] History of Mastering”: https://is.gd/g4U3Gt
– Bernard T. came back to AVRant while building his TV niche just as we were saying how we don’t like niches.
– Brian R. says it’s a good time to buy clearance Cambridge Audio gear, like their AM5 stereo integrated amp for $100: https://is.gd/rxZ5Zt

0:20:34 Adam M. asks which Receiver and UPS battery backup to get for his Living Room.
– Denon X2400H: https://is.gd/mQLnqt
– APC J10 or J15: https://is.gd/P2cDyK or https://is.gd/MMZbcJ

0:27:44 Infinite Gary wonders if Fox Thursday Night Football in 4K HDR (HLG) was half-baked: https://is.gd/sNsGSk . And we speculate what displays will be like in 10 years.

0:35:24 Andy M. asks about 20 amp circuits, a gear rack in a closet, Harmony Hub remotes, and sending 1080p to a 4K TV.

0:45:37 Tom K. gets our recommendations for an Ultra HD Blu-ray player:
– Panasonic UB820: https://is.gd/FeoQAA
– Sony X800M2: https://is.gd/qOjCAl
– Sony X700: https://is.gd/YW42sg

0:49:32 Damien D. gets us talking about D’Appolito arrays, high sensitivity speakers, existing paintings as acoustic panels, and fully wireless earphones.
– RHA TrueConnect: https://is.gd/OjGN34
– Audio-Technica CKS5: https://is.gd/rCC6bA

1:04:04 Adam G. wants to know all about dedicated Center speaker models.

1:12:10 Andrew L. has spare Paradigm speakers, so he wants to know the best way to deploy them if he wants to try 5.2.4 Atmos.

1:17:35 Ted M. asks about LG’s dynamic tone mapping vs. Dolby Vision.

1:19:03 Bastian asks about where to position a Focal Aria Center speaker if he gets one, whether to spread his L/R speakers farther apart, where he should position his measurement mic, what Audyssey MultEQ XT32 might offer him, and where to put absorption panels.

1:29:14 Ryan K. has his ceiling down. We go over viewing distance and screen size, $2,000 projector options, conduit, electrical male inlet, ceiling insulation, soundproofing, and Atmos.
– Epson 5050UB: https://is.gd/a5FMD9
– Epson 4010: https://is.gd/gxodPe
– BenQ HT3550: https://is.gd/HWo6h9
– male electrical inlet: https://is.gd/0a9qw5

1:41:35 Dan C. asks which Yamaha Receiver models let you use four overhead speakers.

1:42:30 Rob G. wants to know how loud car audio really gets, and how far away he needs to be from his neighbors if he wants to play Reference Volume at night.

1:50:04 Karl R. brings up Gene DellaSala’s & Matt Poes’ YouTube discussion about “stereo bass”, prompting an explanation and rant from us: https://youtu.be/1X_n6kG9FOc

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