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AV Rant #661: 2.35 to SUCK!

September 20th, 2019

Our Listeners of the Week are our 88 Patreon Patrons, as well as AJ and Carl for letting Rob know he messed up last week’s live video feed.

Pictures shown in this episode:

In the news:
– LG is adding NVidia G-Sync to C9 & E9 OLED TVs: https://is.gd/8BtQKk
– Via Karl R. – Apple TV+ will support 4K, Dolby Vision, and Atmos for $5/month: https://is.gd/38F24G
– Via Nathan D. – MIT Engineers made the blackest thing ever by accident: https://is.gd/7EZbp2
– Sony “Crystal LED” is available for (very wealthy) homeowners: https://is.gd/vsjfuQ

– Streaming madness: 
– NBCUniversal’s service is called “Peacock”: https://is.gd/0x8mZT
– Everyone’s paying $500 million for old shows: https://is.gd/klI9NF
– Tinder is making a TV show: https://is.gd/wfb1Bq

– 0:20:03 Travis D. – eliminated his sensitive earphone noise floor with a cheap, in-line impedance plug: https://is.gd/MLweYA
-0:22:34 Kevin R. asks why we don’t tout Vudu more often, and we discuss their new parental controls: https://is.gd/CdeTXT

0:25:47 Stefan B. gets clarification about Auro-3D.

0:29:26 Jason H. gets recommendations for a screen, sub, Center, Surrounds, and room treatments.
– Monoprice Monolith 15″ Sealed Sub: https://is.gd/kzkTbf
– HSU CCB-8: https://is.gd/OpRGP3
– SVS Prime Elevation: https://is.gd/AJgIoX

0:44:16 Ben F. kicks off our 2.35:1 bashing by asking about subtitles.

0:49:48 Andrew L. gets further details about playing an Atmos demo disc in DTS listening mode.

0:56:59 Carlton B. asks if 2.40:1 is a better choice than 2.35:1.

1:00:37 John B. asks if the Denon X3500H is a good replacement for an X4000.

1:02:56 Jay A. wonders what can be done if you find 1,000 nits too bright.

1:05:51 John M. feels pressure inside his ears with in-ear monitors, and asks if that can be fixed.

1:08:48 Tom K. asks if ARC, a new player, or a new Receiver is the best way for him to get the highest audio quality.

1:15:57 Mark L. wants to know if 4:4:4 is important for photos.

1:20:49 Michael R. wants good TCL S425 TV settings, and asks about burn-in.
– RTings’ TCL S425 settings: https://is.gd/WZO7Te

1:23:51 Alfredo R. asks what he should do to upgrade from 5.1.2 to 5.2.4 with his particular room and seating.

1:29:23 Infinite Gary gets our take on the new Polk Legend L800 Towers with SDA, and asks if Trinnov offers sound quality benefits beyond handling more speakers than anyone else.
– Polk Legend L800 preview: https://is.gd/3j235P

1:37:55 Chris H. gets more confirmation for his Denon X1500H purchase, and we dig into why Audyssey uses more than one microphone position.

1:41:32 Billy M. wants Panasonic’s HDR Optimizer and anamorphic lens scaling, and we think using his Oppo solely as a video processor could work. Plus we talk about dust.

1:46:01 Dan found a dip in his frequency response and he asks if modifying his seating riser will fix it.

1:50:45 Jairus asks about in-walls and subs for his new house, and gets us to ponder the easiest way to connect speakers in series.
– Monoprice Sycamore in-walls: https://is.gd/xwo6xP
– Monoprice Monolith 15″ ported: https://is.gd/d0BHyH

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