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AV Rant #660: Open Up! AV Police!

September 13th, 2019

Our Listeners of the Week are Tom, Paul, and Stefan for their donations, as well as our 87 Patreon Patrons, including: Josh V., Bastian from Germany, and Justin B. We also thank Tue for his additional website help, and Tom K. for mentioning us to SVS when he bought a PC13-Ultra.

Pictures shown in this episode: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmGRGGFh

0:08:03 Tom shares his first Dolby Cinema experience.

In the news:

– Via Carlton B. – JVC is adding Frame Adapt HDR to their 4K D-iLA projectors: https://hdguru.com/jvc-4k-d-ila-firmware-update-enhances-hdr10/

– TCL’s Smart Screen is another vertical TV: https://is.gd/dVdLKo

– Panasonic’s MegaCon 55″ dual layer LCD: https://youtu.be/BCjMLU5v9bs

– Panasonic transparent OLED: https://youtu.be/fkQWJnAYqds


– Joseph H. shares a laugh over a cable break-in service: https://www.morrowaudio.com/products/break-in-service

– Robert G. noticed Spears & Munsil’s UHD HDR Benchmark how-to articles: http://spearsandmunsil.com/3rd-edition-articles/

0:22:38 Rob W. gets our TV and speaker suggestions, plus a Harmony remote programming idea.
– Sony 85″ X900F: https://is.gd/jhxFjl

0:34:12 Josh V. asks if Sonos is a good wireless home theater.
– Yamaha MusicCast Surround: https://is.gd/2ksFbj
– Sewell Ghostwire: https://is.gd/qCemeL

0:42:10 Ted M. wants to know what the word “dynamics” means to us.

0:45:08 Dave B. finds out where to buy replacement projector lamps.
– Projector Lamp Genie: http://www.projectorlampgenie.com/us/home.php
– Projector Central Recommended Retailers: https://www.projectorcentral.com/lamp-suppliers.htm

0:48:42 Chris H. gets confirmation for his Denon X1500H choice.

0:53:00 Mark M. asks all about auto-setup, Reference Volume, safe SPL, Dynamic EQ, running subs “hot”, and Auro-3D.

1:12:10: Dave F. asks about outdoor Sonos speakers.
– Sonos by Sonance Outdoor: https://www.sonos.com/en-us/shop/outdoor-speaker-pair.html
– Sonos Move: https://www.sonos.com/en-us/shop/move.html

1:15:49 Ian E. gets clarification about digital audio sampling.
– Xiph.org: https://xiph.org/video/

1:19:54 Justin B. wonders if JVC’s LX-NZ3 is too good to be true, and shipping something large from Australia.

1:26:27 Damien D. clarifies his Receiver needs for a new recommendation.
– Denon X3400H: https://is.gd/6OR6DL
– Marantz SlimLine: https://is.gd/xsdvYv

1:30:10 Christian S. speculates about HDMI delivering power.

1:32:42 Infinite Gary asks when Samsung’s QD-OLED TVs will arrive and in what sizes. Plus, is a special screen needed for IMAX Enhanced content?

1:38:55 Travis D. wants a PC headphone connection with a silent noisefloor.
– JDS Labs OL DAC: https://jdslabs.com/product/ol-dac/
– JDS Labs Atom Amp: https://jdslabs.com/product/atom-amp/
– Emotiva PT-100: https://emotiva.com/collections/pre-amps/products/pt-100

1:42:47 Clara B. asks about HDMI-CEC, CEDIA 2019, and when’s the best time to buy.

1:52:57 John M. gets more details about movie vs. music vs. game versions of decoders and upmixers.

1:57:09 Kev S. wants to better understand each step of auto-setup and EQ in case he wants more manual control.

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  1. Kaze
    September 13th, 2019 at 21:54 | #1

    So I gather that was his first time seeing their Dolby Cinema intro? so that black level part of the into that they mention has nothing to do with HDR for that particular instance lol, its the fact that they are using a Laser Projector so they are able to get deeper blacks in those respects verses traditional bulb/lamp projectors which can dim but not achieve nearly as deep of blacks as the new cinema laser projectors. 😉

  2. September 20th, 2019 at 12:37 | #2

    Yep, that was my first time. Likely my last as well.

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