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AV Rant #657: Smaller Screen is the Answer

August 23rd, 2019

Our Listeners of the Week are our 85 Patreon Patrons, as well as Jainan S. and James C. both for talking us up to Accessories4Less.

Pictures shown in this episode: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmGjemvX

Catch Tom’s guest appearance on AVNation’s ResiWeek Podcast 185: https://avnation.tv/podcast/resiweek-185/

In the news:
– Via Michael and Karl – Disney+ launches Nov. 12 in the USA, Canada, and the Netherlands, with Australia and New Zealand getting it one week later: https://www.cordcuttersnews.com/disney-announces-support-for-the-apple-tv-ios-xbox-one-roku-and-playstation-4-plus-launch-dates-for-canada-australia-more/
– CBS and Viacom have agreed to merge into ViacomCBS: https://www.engadget.com/2019/08/13/cbs-viacom-merger-deal-30-billion/
– Plex is killing the Plex Media Player for computers: https://www.flatpanelshd.com/news.php?subaction=showfull&id=1565936592
– 0:10:49 TCL announced the 8-Series 4K LCD TVs with Mini-LED backlighting: https://youtu.be/ShLwzxwaYAg– 0:13:00 Patrick asked why each mini-LED isn’t its own zone, and HDTVTest had the scoop on TCL’s Mini-LED roadmap to thousands of local-dimming zones in the coming years: https://youtu.be/rAOTH6RT21I

– Jaremy Pyle shares his full theater-build experience, including his recommendations for running a portable HEPA filter, hiding wires with clever curtain placement, and Mohawk Airo carpet: https://www.mohawkflooring.com/carpet/brand/airo
– Dan and Mike S. solved their issues with turning off JVC projectors using Harmony remote Activities.

0:20:08 Zach R. checks if it’s worth requesting a repair from Denon for non-functioning network connections.

0:22:54 Tom D. shares his theater and asks for 3D Blu-ray recommendations.- List of Blu-ray 3D releases: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Blu-ray_3D_releases

0:28:34 Chad B. wants to make sure he’s using the best listening modes, and asks why we recommend “game” listening modes.

0:33:43 Mat C. has us go over the plans for his large, custom-built apartment, and we beg him to consider acoustics and high output cylinder subs.
– SVS PC-4000: https://www.svsound.com/products/pc-4000

0:56:44 Francis A. wants to upgrade his satellite speakers without increasing size too much.
– Focal Sib system: https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/focalsib51blk/focal-5.1-sib-cub3-home-theater-speaker-system-black/1.html#!specifications
– Klipsch Reference Theater Pack: https://www.klipsch.com/products/reference-theater-pack

1:02:28 Adam P. has us go over plans to add a second pair of side Surround speakers, including the wiring. We also address his projector upgrade. And he might not need any of it if he shrinks his screen!

1:12:23 Michael R. asks about Onkyo Receiver HDMI output modes, and Canadian IPTV provider, Vmedia.

1:18:51 Joe K. is testing a JVC NX5 while his X550 is being repaired. He asks about source settings for HDR, and a potential Ultra HD Blu-ray player switch.

1:24:16 Nick B. will likely get his Oppo BDP-83 repaired, and he wants to know if anything else should be replaced at the same time as a preventative measure.

1:26:17 Carl C. asks for pros and cons of the various Atmos speaker configurations, and whether to aim his Atmos speakers or not.

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