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AV Rant #650: Quoting Tom

July 6th, 2019

Our Listeners of the Week are Joshua and Stefan for their donations, as well as our 82 Patreon Patrons.

Pictures shown in this episode: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmEFq678
In the news:
– Jony Ive is leaving Apple: https://www.engadget.com/2019/06/27/jony-ive-lovefrom/
– DisplayPort 2.0 offers up to 77.4 Gbps: https://www.flatpanelshd.com/news.php?subaction=showfull&id=1561624113
– Roger B. Hassing retires as Todd A. Stewart takes over RBH Sound: https://www.audioholics.com/news/rbh-sound-purchase-company-president

– Rob H. posted his LG B7 OLED picture settings: http://www.avrant.com/rob-hs-lg-oled-tv-settings/
– Infinite Gary says Norwegian film, The Quake, has bass like nothing else: https://www.avnirvana.com/threads/the-quake-blu-ray-review.4294/

0:15:49 Brian M. is happy with our advice, so he asks which speakers to buy, and whether he needs a Receiver upgrade after adding a miniDSP.
– Rob H.’s 12 Step Guide to Setting Up Dual Subwoofers: http://www.avrant.com/a-12-step-guide-to-setting-up-dual-subwoofers/
– Ascend CMT-340SE: http://ascendacoustics.com/pages/products/speakers/cmt340m/cmt340m.html

0:26:19 Rob upgraded his sub, and now he wants to know if three subs would be better than two.
– Multi-Sub Optimizer Software: https://www.andyc.diy-audio-engineering.org/mso/html/index.html
– miniDSP 2×4: https://www.minidsp.com/products/minidsp-in-a-box/minidsp-2×4
– Cross-Spectrum Labs calibrated UMIK-1: http://cross-spectrum.com/measurement/calibrated_umik.html

0:30:40 Jeff N. has lots of glass and an echo. We discuss room treatments, and whether subwoofers have different tones.
– GiK Acoustics free advice: https://www.gikacoustics.com/acoustic-advice/
– GiK freestanding panels: https://www.gikacoustics.com/product/freestand-acoustic-panel-gobo/

0:43:26 Carlton B. asks about inexpensive ways to make a 7.2.6 Atmos configuration, and how to down-convert surround sound signals to 2-channel for a 2nd Zone.

0:50:29 Alex R. heard a big difference when he bi-amp’d his speakers, and he wants to know how and why.

0:58:38 Mark R. wants to know where to set the gain knobs on his external amplifier.

1:00:41 Chris K. is converting a garage. We go over layout, acoustic treatments, projector vs. flat panel, and speaker and subwoofer choices.
– Outlaw Ultra X-12: http://www.outlawaudio.com/products/ultra.html
– HSU VTF-2 MK5: http://hsuresearch.com/products/vtf-2mk5.html
– Boston SoundWare 4.5: https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/bossoundwareblka/boston-acoustics-soundware-4.5-speaker-atmos-dts-x-on-wall-speaker-black-each/1.html

1:14:23 Jim M. is helping a friend with an existing setup find a way to add Surround speakers wirelessly.
– Amphony Model 1800: https://www.amphony.com/cart/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=3&products_id=51

1:20:56 Jonathan made a sports lounge and named it The Seaden. He wants to improve the bass, so we talk about adding doors, acoustic treatments, and a 2nd cylinder sub.
– SVS PC-2000: https://www.svsound.com/products/pc-2000

1:28:40 Adam M. wants aesthetically pleasing, slim speakers for his huge, open space. We suggest moving his seating to help.
– JBL Stage Series: https://www.jbl.com/stage-loudspeaker-series/
– JBL in-walls: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000MFQA0C/
– KEF HTF8003: https://us.kef.com/htf8003-soundbar-speaker.html
– KEF T301: https://us.kef.com/speakers/home-theater/t-series/t301-ultrathin-speaker-pair.html

1:38:49 Michael R. is visually impaired, and he’s tested the current AV Receiver control apps, and found Onkyo’s to be the most accessible. He’d like to save money by finding B-stock in Canada.
– Onkyo TX-NR686 B-Stock from Gibby’s: https://gibbyselectronicsupermarket.ca/product/onkyo-tx-nr686-7-2-channel-network-a-v-receiver-b-stock/
– TX-NR787 B-Stock: https://gibbyselectronicsupermarket.ca/product/onkyo-tx-nr787-b-stock/

1:44:11 Infinite Gary wants to know why HDMI-CEC powers both his TV and Receiver on and off using his TV remote, but only powers both on, not off, using his Receiver’s remote.

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