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AV Rant #631: Dual Subs

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Our Listeners of the Week are Chad, Neil, Chris, and Luke for their donations, as well as our 82 Patreon Patrons, and Mark T. for talking us up to Accessories4Less.

In the news, Samsung won’t be making any more Blu-ray or Ultra HD Blu-ray players. And Panasonic and Samsung showed off their full 2019 TV lineups.

The CEDIA Podcast posted an excellent episode with Dennis Erskine with many useful details about home theater soundproofing and construction. And Aaron C. helps us out with a reminder and correction that the Harmony Hub uses the smaller 2.5mm outputs for its mini IR blasters.

0:11:07 Nick B. gets more details about HDMI 2.1 and HDCP 2.3. Then we share our thoughts about Trademark Soundproofing’s window covers.

0:20:37 Neil H. says the black bars on his side edge-lit Samsung with “Cinema Black” look about the same as his bottom edge-lit Q6FN. We explain why.

0:27:52 Brian R. asks if a dedicated CD player is worth it. We recommend the Sony X800 Ultra HD Blu-ray player.

0:33:41 Brandon N. asks for clarification about what “pressurizing” a room with bass really means. Then we mention CNET’s How to Stream Dolby Atmos article while discussing which boxes and services support Atmos audio.

0:44:37 Jim T. has a friend who wants stereo speakers for around $800. We suggest either an SVS PB-1000 with a pair of HSU HB-1 MK2, or dual Dayton SUB-1200 with a pair of HSU HC-1 MK2 if he cares about more than one seat.

0:52:35 Christian A. keeps hearing he should get a second subwoofer. We explain why.

0:56:44 Josh wonders about a 75″ QLED vs. a 65″ OLED with gaming being a high priority, which prompts us to mention RTings’ latest OLED burn-in test results. Then we discuss adding four in-ceiling speakers vs. two.

1:06:34 William J. found that activating HDMI-CEC fixed his lip sync issues with Amazon Prime Video, so perhaps that’s worth a try. He’s attempting to use CEC as intended, with nothing but his TV’s remote, but we discuss why certain things still don’t switch automatically.

1:12:37 Luke K. has good bass at his seat, but everywhere else in his room is bad, so we discuss the benefits of adding a second sub, and explain what Audyssey SubEQ HT would offer.

1:22:04 Brian F. asks about genuine 4K projectors vs. the JVC X790, so we mention AV Forums’ DLA-NX7 First Look review. Then we explain why his Surrounds and overhead speakers are almost inaudible when he turns down his master volume.

1:29:43 Rob M. likes the sound quality of his Pantronics BackBeat Pro 2 headset, but not its microphone. He didn’t see mic quality mentioned in the reviews he read, so we point to Tom’s Guide and RTings as reviewers who mention mic quality.

1:31:26 Bill W. it starting over on the plans for his new house. The new theater is larger, so he wants to make sure the combo of an SVS PB-2000 & PC-2000 will still be sufficient.

1:33:28 Tap T. asks how to figure out how much Green Glue you’ll need to construct soundproof walls, and whether to get the 28 oz tubes, or the 5 gallon bucket.

1:35:19 Bob can’t get his NVidia Shield to output HDR from YouTube, which gets us talking about which devices support HDR and 5.1 audio from YouTube.

1:38:32 Rob M. wants to power two pairs of headphones, preferably loud and via Bluetooth, so we recommend the Creative Sound Blaster E5.

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