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AV Rant #622: Pressurizing Large Rooms

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Our Listeners of the Week are our 79 Patreon Patrons, including Damien C., Justin B., and Richard P., as well as Greg L. for telling AV Science we recommended buying his JVC DLA-RS540 projector from them, Dave for recommending the Kuhn Rikon garlic press to Tom, and James C. for sending Rob a Christmas present!

In the news, IMAX is abandoning its VR Experience plans. And NVidia Shield supports 5.1 audio from YouTube.

0:08:29 Austen Pond, our former producer, is selling some QSC USA 850 professional stereo amplifiers. You can reach him @AustenPond on Twitter or via our email if you’re interested.

Karl R. noted the high demand for Oppo’s discontinued Ultra HD Blu-ray players.

0:11:20 John D. is getting an ARC error message every time he turns on his system, so we discuss some settings in his Marantz Receiver.

0:14:01 Greg L. wants to make sure it’s really ok to put an expensive projector on a rear shelf.

0:21:13 Nick B. thinks the Shure SRH1540 sealed headphones might be for him, and we just mention the Sennheiser HD598 Csas a less expensive alternative.

0:26:00 Dan B. wants to upgrade his tiny, less-than-optimally-placed bedroom speakers, and he’s thinking in-walls. We urge him to consider on-walls, and recommend the Focal Super Bird and Little Bird or NHT SuperZero 2.1 speakers.

0:33:56 Ian E. asks on behalf of a friend if certain online retailers with “too good to be true” prices can be trusted.

0:36:13 Christian S. wants to make sure it’s ok to lay an LCD or OLED TV flat while transporting it.

0:40:29 John D. asks for our opinions on Cerwin Vega speakers and their XLS 28 Towers, in particular. Then we discuss why Full Range speakers don’t produce optimal results in acoustically small rooms, and why you always want to use subwoofers. And we talk about super cheap 4K TVs vs. used plasmas.

0:54:16 Chris W. asks about using the Windows 10 Equalizer APO software with its PEACE GUI to EQ speakers.

0:57:00 Damien C. wants to add subwoofers to his system. If his room is enclosed, SVS PC-2000 will be more than enough.

1:03:59 J.R. asks about making DIY backer boxes for in-wall and in-ceiling speakers.

1:06:44 Karl R. asks what sort of projectors can handle a 300-inch screen size.

1:09:59 Justin B. is looking for an HDBaseT solution to run his HDMI connection about 80 feet. We mention the Emotiva E-Connects that handles all HDMI features, including ARC, or a less expensive 18 Gbps HDMI Extender that does everything but ARC.

1:17:25 Richard P. (in the UK) needs to separate his HDMI audio from his HDMI video, so we suggest the XOLORspace 23421 with its HDMI 2.0b pass through and audio-only HDMI outputs, or the XOLORspace 23031A if optical audio is sufficient. Then we mention some tips for his TW9300 projector’s picture settings.

1:28:01 Tim D. asks why his Center speaker pre-out doesn’t seem to work, and why Audyssey seemed to make his bass quieter.

1:34:40 Damien D. gets our help sorting through which TV he should buy with his available budget.

1:38:54 Biv wants to know how Rob ended up with Ascend Sierra-2 speakers.

1:40:56 Josh F. asks what he should use to clean his OLED screen.

1:42:02 Boshko wants to make sure his Amazon Basics subwoofer cable is good enough, and then we discuss dedicated electrical circuits and how much power your system actually uses and needs.

1:49:10 David M. was wondering if headphones can be driven directly by a pre-amp or CD player (with volume control). But he needs a headphone amp, and we mention the new JDS Labs Atom.

1:50:51 Kris I. turned on a setting in his Receiver that seemed to “wake up” his subwoofers. We discuss what happened.

1:55:13 Infinite Gary asks if wireless connections will ever sound as good as wired.

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