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AV Rant #620: Subwoofer Door

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Our Listeners of the Week are Daniel and James C. for their donations, our 75 Patreon Patrons, including Jeff K. and James C., and Jonathan F. for letting RBH know he heard about their Black Friday sale from us, and James C., who completes his Listener of the Week trifecta by talking us up to SVS when he bought a PB12-NSD subwoofer during their Black Friday sale.

In the news, we heard from our former Producer, Austen, who has resumed work on our dual subwoofer setup instructional video. Netflix subscription prices have increased in Canada. And Tidal now works within Plex.

Infinite Gary shared an NPR interview with Sean Olive and Scott Metcalfe about vinyl, CD, and mp3 audio quality. Karl R. found posters of the THX “Deep Note” and Dolby milestones. Jonathan F. thinks cable DVR cutters should consider streaming Live TV services, and CNET’s channel list can help you decide which one. And Mike S. gives a quick update on his long HDMI and other cable woes.

0:21:53 Miguel C. would like to apply EQ to his Zone 2 speakers, so we recommend a miniDSP 2×4 or a miniDSP DDRC-24 with Dirac, plus a Dayton APA102 amplifier.

0:24:39 Brian R. gets our opinion on Fluance’s reputation, and asks about the Fluance RT81 turntable, while we recommend the Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB.

0:32:58 Chris T. asks if it’s ok to place SVS subwoofers on their sides, or facing sideways, and also if he can really just ignore Audyssey’s phase warnings.

0:41:47 Ken B. wonders about his Samsung Q9FN’s tone mapping and how it would compare to using his Panasonic UB820’s HDR Optimizer.

0:50:22 Bill C. gets our thoughts on the best location in his room for adding another pair of speakers. And we make the obvious recommendation of choosing Sonance speakers to match what he already has, although we think RBH or Aperion would also work very well.

0:57:58 Jim M. wants to know why he gets picture but no sound from his Apple TV 4K when he tries to use his Oppo 203 to separate the audio and video HDMI outputs. We speculate, and also list some potential excuses for upgrading his AV Receiver.

1:01:53 Bastian B. has an open concept room and a particular place where he would like to place any subwoofers, so we highly recommend starting with a single SVS PC-2000 cylinder.

1:07:45 Christian L. is a bit worried about which way the port and driver on his subwoofer are facing, so we put those fears to rest. Then we talk a bit about visualizing how bass sound waves are traversing his room. And we make some recommendations for Surround speaker placement in his setup, as well as suggesting the Monoprice Premium Satellites as an inexpensive option.

1:24:17 Jeff K. gets some Atmos ceiling speaker naming advice.

1:25:58 Chris B. goes into more detail about what he wants from a new pair of headphones, so we discuss open-back vs. closed-back, high bitrate lossy vs. lossless content, and we recommend the Audeze LCD2 Classic or HiFiMan Sundara planar magnetic headphones to him.

1:39:39 Infinite Gary wants to know when we think 77-inch OLED TVs will come down in price, and when we think a screen size larger than 77 inches will become available.

1:43:30 James C. discovered his bass is loudest just on the other side of the door to his theater, so he wonders if anyone would ever purposely put a subwoofer in an adjoining room, rather than having all subs in the same room.

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