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AV Rant #618: SVS Prime Wireless Speakers Review

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Our Listeners of the Week are our 78 Patreon Patrons, and Jason G. for offering to help Tom’s brother with a PS3 replacement.

Lee Overstreet is our guest co-host this week while Tom is away.

0:06:01 Rob kicks things off with his review of the SVS Prime Wireless Speaker System.

In the news, SVS launched their 3000 Series subwoofers. And a pleasant surprise: the SVS Black Friday deal on 12-NSD Series subwoofers is back again. FilmStruck might return as part of the WarnerMedia streaming service in 2019. And the Criterion Channel will launch as a standalone service. Lastly, the first Dolby-branded consumer product is a $600 pair of Dolby Dimension Bluetooth headphones.

Andy C. made the Multi-Sub Optimizer Software, and he corrects Rob’s poor description of the available optimization options.

0:32:38 Samuel C. wants an HDR projector for under $3,000, so we recommend either waiting for the Epson 5050UB, getting a 5040UB if he’s ok with HDR being limited to 24 fps, or going with our top pick of a JVC DLA-RS420.

0:37:54 Alex played his first Ultra HD Blu-ray MKV backup on his NVidia Shield, and it looked way too dark, so we dig into some potential settings corrections.

0:43:40 Christian S. and Damien D. want to know how we rank the currently available 4K HDR TVs. We’re pretty much in line with CNET and RTings. And if you can’t afford an OLED, we pretty much agree with RTings’ list of LCDs, too.

0:55:19 Jorge S. double checks that it’s ok to mount the Sony SS-CSE Dolby Atmos Modules on a ceiling or wall.

0:58:34 Shawn W. gets our recommendation for the best Ultra HD Blu-ray player, and some Harmony remote advice.

1:08:55 Alex P. has a tough situation where he’s getting upper bass cancellation and uneven deep bass, even though he has dual subs. We suggest some listening tests we’d like him to try, and then recommend using the Multi-Sub Optimizer Software and a miniDSP 2×4.

1:23:45 Chris H. asks if he should audition some Aperion Intimus speakers, and gets a Denon X1400H vs. X2400H comparison.

1:29:33 Mick M. gets our recommendation for a $1,000 subwoofer in Australia.

1:33:28 Juan F. wants an all in-wall 5.1 speaker setup, including an in-wall subwoofer, so our top recommendation are RBH in-wall speakers and subs.

1:37:45 Karl R. gets some clarification about our concerns regarding running a projector’s power cord into the attic, and why we suggest installing a male electrical inlet near his equipment and connecting that to a regular outlet near his projector instead.

1:44:04 Ted M. asks about Screen Acoustics UltraWeave projection screens vs. Seymour AV CenterStage UF, whether a Pansonic UB820 Ultra HD Blu-ray player is worth it, and whether we think he should mount his speakers inside or outside his screen frame.

1:51:41 Brandon G. asks if Surround Back speakers should be aimed at the primary listening position, or pointed straight ahead.

1:54:15 Randy E. wants a 120-inch, acoustically transparent screen for under $1,000, so we suggest our top choice of a Seymoure AV Precision frame with CenterStage UF, or saving big bucks by going with a Silver Ticket Woven screen instead.

1:56:21 Terry G. gets our insight on professional display calibration, using HDR to SDR conversion with a projector, and how to maintain HDR detail.

2:08:16 Joey M. asks for our take on Marantz HDAM.

2:10:25 Daniel H. isn’t fully satisfied with his Sony Z9D LCD TV, but he’s worried he won’t be satisfied with an OLED either.

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