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AV Rant #617: Excelsior

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Our Listeners of the Week are Sam for his donation, our 75 Patreon Patrons, and Jeff G. for letting AV Science know we recommended them when he bought his JVC DLA-RS540 projector.

In the news, Karl R. informed us that Disney’s streaming service will be called Disney+ and launch in late 2019. And we share our thoughts on the passing of legendary comic book creator Stan Lee. Excelsior. And we rant about Emotiva basically having a sale when they said they wouldn’t, and (predictably) missing their announced shipping date for the RMC-1 Processor.

Jason G. discovered that a recent firmware update had reset his audio output settings on his PS4. Kevin S. responded to our take on the Viva Audio Credenza speakers. And Jordan B. recommends Den of Thieves as great demo material.

0:18:33 Josh L. gets no picture at all if he sets his Denon X6300H to output HDMI to both his flat panel and projector no matter which one is in standby. We suggest setting up Harmony remote Sequences (aka macros) to toggle which HDMI output is active, or using a Sewell IBIS Pro 4K HDMI hard button switch.

0:23:54 Galen wants to install in-ceiling speakers in his bathroom, so we recommend Outdoor Speaker Depot weather resistant speakers with a Monoprice Unity amplifier to power them, or an Amazon Echo Link Amp, or a Dayton APA102 if his TV has variable audio output.

0:29:45 Peter D. gets our recommendations for 55-inch TVs in the UK. Our top pick is the LG B7V OLED. Our budget pick is the Samsung NU8000. And the Samsung Q6FN falls in between. We also suggest an Onkyo TX-NR474 Receiver to run his 3.1 speaker setup.

0:35:50 Rob M. wonders how he should expand his rapidly growing NAS capacity. We find it hard to justify a 45 or 60 bay Backup Pod, so we recommend adding a second NAS unit rather than completely replacing what he already has.

0:42:55 Karl R. is looking for both wired and wireless sealed headphones for watching movies and TV with comfort being a top priority, so we recommend Sennheiser HD 598 CsAudio-Technica ATH-M50xPlantronics BackBeat Pro 2, or Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT, plus an Avantree Audikast aptX Low Latency transmitter. Then we suggest installing a male power inlet close to his equipment rack so that he can connect his projector to a battery backup UPS.

0:52:29 Greg P. has more basement theater questions. We discuss acoustic treatments, DLP “rainbow effect”, refurbished projectors, wall-mounting ported speakers, using Elite Screen DIY material to save money, and maybe trying Acoustic Audio AA321 on-ceiling speakers for Atmos.

1:04:53 Infinite Gary has us dig into topics of matching Center speakers to your Front L/R, and what reviewers mean when they use the word “detail”.

1:12:02 Ryan T. is returning a Vizio P-Series Quantum in favor of an OLED, but he wants a second opinion on exactly which OLED model he should buy.

1:17:09 Nick B. asks about Audyssey’s EQ range in both frequency and dB cut/boost. Then we discuss Active HDR and dynamic tone mapping vs. dynamic metadata, using HDTV Test’s A9F review as an example.

1:26:36 Josh S. has us tackle the complicated topics of how SPL changes when you add more subwoofers, and how to figure out your room’s modal range.

1:41:14 Ted M. wants to complete his projection setup, so we go over the figures for his seating distance, throw range, and screen size, and highly recommend a Seymour AV CenterStage UF screen and JVC RS540 projector.

1:49:30 David needs an 80″+ TV in a brightly lit room, so our top pick is the Samsung 82″ Q8FN, while our less expensive pick is the Samsung 82″ Q6FN.

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