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AV Rant #610: Un-Super Tweeters

Our Listeners of the Week are Iris for her donation, as well as our 72 Patreon Patrons, including Bradford T.

In the news, the Sony PlayStation Classic mini console will launch Dec. 3 for $100. Samsung released a final Evolution Kit for their TVs in response to complaints. Amazon announced a whole bunch of Echo devices. And Aperion Audio earns our ire by announcing an add-on super tweeter.

HDTV Test confirms the new JVC 4K projectors will have faster HDMI handshaking.

0:15:43 Mike S. wants to nail down the wiring for his speakers, make sure it’s ok to use a mono 3.5mm extension cable with his Audyssey setup microphone, decide which JVC projector to buy, and sell his old speakers on Audiogon.

0:27:13 Boshko gets clarification about which forms of power protection are offered by APC battery backup UPS devices.

0:32:36 Karl R. wants to know what we think about MoviePass having problems and competitors like Sinemia filling the void. We pretty much only trust AMC Stubs A-List.

0:38:20 Nathan D. spotted FLAC as a supported audio codec in iOS 12, and he wants to know if that means iPhones will play FLAC files now.

0:42:40 Bob H. wants to add streaming sticks to a couple of older TVs that only have a single HDMI input, so we suggest giving a Sewell SwitchDeck or a Sewell IBIS Switch a try, or using a Logitech Harmony remote.

0:48:51 Joe S. is getting an NVidia Shield, but he isn’t certain his AV Receiver will pass through 4K60 signals. We believe it will, but if not, an HD Fury AVR Key would be the solution.

0:57:59 Total Babble Podcast gets our take on whether we think the Emotiva TA-100 integrated stereo amp would be a worthwhile upgrade.

1:01:55 Bob gets details about setting up a Plex Server on his NVidia Shield.

1:10:41 Brandon N. asks for the exact dimensions and price of Rob’s custom made “skinny” Ascend Sierra Horizon RAAL Center speaker.

1:15:04 Infinite Gary wants to know what we think about tweaking TV picture settings for specific content, such as sports.

1:17:10 Matt G. gets confirmation that his SVS SB-12NSD subwoofer is well protected from bottoming out. Then we have a detailed chat about gamma and BT 1886.

1:29:19 Curtis D. wants to know exactly which specifications we look at to indicate whether a subwoofer really plays down to 20Hz or not.

1:39:38 Moanis gets our recommendation for a Silver Ticket fixed frame, white material projection screen, unless he wants masking or an acoustically transparent screen, in which case, we recommend Seymour AV.

1:43:06 Nick B. asks for clarification about using a drop tile ceiling as part of soundproof construction. And we recommend the sealed Sony MDR7506 headphones, as well as the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 or Sennheiser HD 598 Cs or Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones, plus a Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS if he needs a USB DAC.<

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