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AV Rant #607: Left Wall Open Room Layout

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Our Listeners of the Week are Brannon M. for his donation, our 67 Patreon Patrons, and Noah L. and Abhue F. for letting us know that our podcast feed wasn’t updating on Google Play.

In the news, Sony has a new 4K projector lineup, JVC announced their new 4K lamp-based projectors, and Epson announces the replacement model for the 5040UB.

The Samsung Q900FN 85” 8K QLED TV will be available for purchase this year. LG says production of their 88” 8K OLED TV is starting soon. And Sharp, Vestel, and TCL all have 8K TVs, too.

LG showed a 173” modular microLED display at IFA. Sony has official prices for their Master Series displays. Sonos has a new Sonos Amp. And the alpha firmware to add Dolby Vision to the Xbox One only works with certain displays.

0:17:27 Nathan D. wonders if he can swap a Monoprice Monolith amp for an old Receiver’s amps without giving up too much I sound quality.

0:21:25 Marty S. has a sloped ceiling, and he wants to know if he can install Atmos speakers, where he should put room treatments, and whether or not a new NVidia Shield is just around the corner.

0:30:07 Sushmit applied our advice to his basement theater, but now he wants to know if there’s a way to reduce judder on his BenQ HT2050A projector.

0:34:21 Keith M. would like to know the best picture modes to use for SDR, HDR10, and Dolby Vision in a dark room on his LG C7 OLED.

0:44:25 Marc C. sold his Klipsch speakers to get better sound and nicer looks. He asks for two or three top candidates, so we recommend Aperion Verus II Grand, Ascend Sierra-2, and RBH Signature SV. And we make a shocking subwoofer suggestion.

0:56:36 Brent W. had a contractor finish his room, but one in-wall speaker wire wasn’t run as it should have been. We suggest using Sewell Ghost Wire, or possibly resorting to an Amphony Wireless Speaker Kit.

1:02:04 Alvin C. enjoyed our talk about how a single speaker driver can produce the sounds of multiple instruments simultaneously. He asks how that works with multiple drivers plus crossovers, and what the “ideal” would be.

1:12:04 Steve G. gets advice on where to place a second pair of SVS Prime Elevation speakers for Atmos.

1:16:01 Carlton B. wants to know how his older Velodyne sub stacks up to today’s competition, and we suggest the HSU ULS-15 MK2 or Power Sound Audio S1510DF as equivalents.

1:21:22 Brandon W. gets our thoughts on which projector he should buy now that the IFA announcements have been made.

1:26:14 Kris B. gets some clarification about what Audyssey Dynamic EQ and Dynamic Volume do, and how the Reference Level Offset setting works.

1:33:16 Francis A. wants to know if we think his HDMI cable is responsible for the frequent audio dropouts he’s getting when he uses HDMI ARC, and he wants to know why his Receiver doesn’t get to do all the decoding when he’s using an Xbox One or PS4.

1:39:03 Infinite Gary heard about Philips’ “Perfect Natural Reality” SDR to HDR processing, and he wants to know if it’s just marketing fluff or the real deal.

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