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AV Rant #605: We Love Atmos?

Our Listeners of the Week are our 67 Patreon Patrons, as well as James C. for helping Tom with some merch for Fearless Mobile Climbing.

In the news, a large group of companies have formed the HDR Gaming Interest Group and laid out a Best Practice Recommendations for Game HDR Creation document.

Andrew S. suggests locking your streaming device to 60 Hz output to alleviate lip sync issues with Amazon Prime Video. Kris P. shares more evidence that Apple TV 4K Atmos support will likely involve internal decoding and re-encoding. And (0:17:33) Carleton B. let us know about the Monoprice Whole Home Audio app for Android and iOS that works with both the Dayton DAX66 and Monoprice 6 Zone Matrix Controller after adding a Global Cache iTach IP or iTach WiFi to the RS232 port.

0:21:27 Tom wants to know if adding a Parasound Halo stereo integrated amp to his system would be a worthwhile upgrade, and how its home theater bypass input would work with his existing Onkyo Receiver’s Audyssey setup.

0:32:20 Michael W. asks if he should go for a pair of SVS PB-1000 subwoofers or a single PB-2000.

0:33:43 Shawn W. has 1st Gen RBH Impression Series Towers, and he wants a Center speaker, so we highly recommend the new 2nd Gen RBH Impression Series R-515, but also mention the Aperion Intimus 5CAscend CMT-340SE, and SVS Prime Center as candidates.

0:39:28 Kris P. asks what’s up with the new Dolby Audio logo, and how Dolby Audio Technologies will work with room correction programs.

0:47:25 Rob M. wants to better understand how a single speaker driver can reproduce all the sounds of multiple instruments and voices simultaneously.

0:57:17 Patrick P. gets our recommendations for the Creative iRoar and iRoar 2, or the G-Project G-Boom for loud Bluetooth speakers.

1:00:29 Heath B. wonders if the Eco Mode for his Marantz Receiver is worth using.

1:07:22 Dre confirmed with six different contractors that he can construct an enclosed room in his basement that is at least 12 feet wide and 15 feet long, so we tackle some wall placement options, reiterate our recommendation to consult with Soundproofing Company, and recommend a screen size and seating distance.

1:29:32 Ted M. is trying to figure out why his subwoofer keeps dying. We speculate. And then we recommend the Denon AVR-X3300W with an ART DJ Pre II phono pre-amp, or an Emotiva PT-100 stereo pre-amp with a miniDSP DDRC-24 Dirac box to get excellent room correction for a turntable setup.

1:39:37 Charleston L. asks how Dolby Vision movies from iTunes will play in HDR on his JVC projector.

1:43:45 Bobby M. is pondering saving some money by purchasing an Onkyo TX-NR787 from Accessories4Less, so we weigh its features against the slightly more expensive Marantz SR6011 or Denon AVR-X4300H.

1:49:37 Bob sends us on a rant about why we talk about Atmos so much on the podcast after he was disappointed when he tried it out.

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