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AV Rant #604: BenQ EW3270U Review

Our Listeners of the Week are our 65 Patreon Patrons, including Brandon W. and Patrick P.

Tom reviews the BenQ EW3270U computer monitor with HDR and DCI-P3 color support.

In the news, Screenwriter John August has a list of popular movies that cannot be found anywhere online, and a recommendation to use JustWatch.com to check if any online service offers the particular movie you’re looking for. And the Oscars are adding a new Popular Film award.

0:17:45 Max R. asks why flipping the polarity switch on his subwoofer didn’t turn a null into a peak, and we recommend trying a GiK Scopus Tuned Bass Trap if you have one problem frequency and can’t fit a second subwoofer into your room.

0:26:54 Grant A. gets our full rant on the way Xbox One currently handles audio decoding.

0:36:56 Chris H. wants to know how to fix his dialogue intelligibility problems, and we think it’s mostly due to positioning.

0:41:10 Shawn W. is trying to decide which amplifier to buy, the Monoprice Monolith 7XEmotiva XPA-7Outlaw Model 7220, or Parasound Halo A 52+.

0:44:42 Jason P. gets some clarification about the Digital Copy versions of movies that come with physical discs.

0:48:20 Armando M. is curious if the Onkyo TX-NR787 or the Pioneer Elite SC-LX502 is the better Receiver choice, and we add the Denon AVR-X3400H into the mix.

0:52:58 Infinite Gary has questions about different professional calibrators providing different charts in their reports. Then he has some more lip sync-related questions. And he wants to know if Dolby Dialogue Normalization has changed at all in the past couple of decades.

1:04:57 Nick B. is wondering which model of ButtKicker tactile transducer is the best choice, and whether there’s an accurate output level to aim for.

1:10:38 John S. gets our take on two vs. four overhead Atmos speakers, and our recommendation to use Focal Little Birds or KEF E301 mounted on his sloped ceilings.

1:14:52 David F. wonders if Sonos Home Theater packages are all they’re cracked up to be.

1:19:13 Michael M. needs some clarification about which audio codecs TOSLink and HDMI-ARC can handle. And we run through some more Sony TV settings to try and get ARC working.

1:25:20 Brandon W. gets frequent lightning strikes, so we recommend SurgeX power protection, and potentially their SurgeX UPS+ battery backup along with a male electrical inlet to run in-wall power to his projector. And we mention the Monoprice SlimRun AV HDR fiber optic HDMI cables with detachable connectors as a great solution for pulling long HDMI cables through conduit.

1:35:05 Cory W. is using Plex Live TV & DVR, and we suggest some Plex player settings to help get the most stable wireless streaming to other parts of his house.

1:37:39 Damien D. discovered his music sources might have been inconsistent, so he wants to know how to restore his confidence when auditioning and evaluating different speakers.

1:44:07 Ryan T. asks for a go/no-go on buying clearance Sonance in-ceiling speakers from Best Buy, so we mention the Outdoor Speaker Depot MK650 as an alternative. And we recommend the Monoprice DynamicView active HDMI cables for lengthy in-wall runs.

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