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AV Rant #603: Troubleshooting HDMI

Our Listeners of the Week are our 62 Patreon Patrons, including John S.

In the news, Nathan D. sent us word about the new miniDSP SHD Series stereo pre-amps with Dirac and Volumio built in. And HDMI LLC announced new Active Cable certification and eARC compliance testing.

Allen G. corrected Rob’s description of which variables have an effect on the speed of sound in air. Brandon N. got his Aperion Verus II Grand Center speaker to stop sounding hollow and bright. And Tara send us a link to instructions for changing which audio tracks are selected by default when using MakeMKV.

0:16:22 Jorge S. asks if HDMI-ARC or TOSLink are able to output lossless audio when using a TCL TV’s built-in apps.

0:20:48 Jason S. has a broken Axiom EP500 subwoofer amplifier, so we mention a BASH 500S, or Dayton SPA500DSP with or without its SPA-F Mounting Frame as possible replacements. And then we attempt to troubleshoot some HDMI audio dropout woes.

0:35:19 Andrew T. gets our recommendation for the Denon AVR-X3400H 7.2 AV Receiver from Accessories4Less. And we weigh in on which of his speaker options we think he should use as Surround Backs.

0:38:01 Biv wants a nice CD player, so we recommend either the Sony UBP-X800 universal disc player, or a TEAC CD player.

0:41:26 Corey B. wants to offer a friend of a friend some less expensive whole house audio solutions, so we talk about the Dayton DAX66 and HTD MCA-66 distribution systems, Yamaha outdoor speakersOutdoor Speaker Depot MK650 in-ceiling speakers, and Snap AV‘s wide selection of whole house integration products.

0:51:01 & 1:06:31 Dre W. wants to construct a soundproof room in his townhouse’s basement that has good dimensions according to the Room Mode Calculator. But we have big concerns about his existing plumbing and HVAC. So we recommend consulting with Soundproofing Company. And then we mention Home Theater Design Software options he can use once the shape of the room is determined.

1:05:01 Clara R. asks if it’s ok for overhead Atmos speakers to have different distances from the primary seating position.

1:07:52 Russel T. gets our recommendation to shop at PrimeCables or JustOneCable for inexpensive cables in Canada.

1:08:26 Nick gets our thoughts on his downsizing plans. We recommend the KEF E301 and their matching floor standsGiK FreeStand Panels, damping/decoupling everything, and being cautious with the installation of a ButtKicker tactile transducer if he goes down that path.

1:23:45 Lior M. wants to know how to get his Denon X4400H Receiver to just use straight decoding instead of automatically applying an upmixer all the time.

1:27:28 Fred R. is planning a new Living Room theater, so we discuss using a drop down projection screen in front of a window, installing doors, and acoustically treating the room.

1:37:27 Daniel C. gets our recommendations for the APC P8V and P4V surge protectors.<

1:42:46 Nick B. gets our suggestion to check out EluneVision for tab-tensioned and ambient light rejecting projection screens. And we discuss how frequently projector lamps need to be replaced.

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