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AV Rant #592: Dynamic EQ and You

Our Listeners of the Week are Dale for his donation, and our 61 Patreon Patrons. We also want to correct ourselves from last week by thanking Grant A. and Amar S. for donating during our pledge drive. We’re sorry for mixing up your names, and we greatly appreciate your support!

0:07:37 We briefly mention the new $200 Fluance Ai40 Bluetooth bookshelf speakers.

In the news, Yamaha announced their new Aventage Receiver lineup. Nathan D. let us know that Oppo is now completely out of stock of their Ultra HD Blu-ray players, but there will be “last batches” of their UDP-203 and UDP-205 later this year. And yes, we weigh in on laurel vs. yanny and brainstorm vs. green needle.

0:14:11 Roger J. shared a graph of the Fletch Munson Equal Loudness Contours (image below). Infinite Gary bought a pair of the new Revel Performa Be Series bookshelf speakers, and he shares his impressions. And David F. tried an HD Fury Vertex, but discovered that it only scales between 1080p and 4K, and does not keep its output locked at all times, so his JVC projector still has long HDMI handshake renegotiations.

0:22:06 Francis A. gets us to double check his Audyssey subwoofer level and crossover settings, and we further explain Dynamic EQ.

0:27:24 Chad B. gets our input on Surround and Atmos speaker placement, we mention flat speaker wireoptions from Parts-Express and Axiom Audio, and we discuss acoustic panel placement.

0:41:13 Nelson S. wants to maximize his HDMI connection path, making sure his Oppo UDP-203 is put to its best possible use.

0:46:40 Abhue F. wants to know what we think of the Xbox One Plex app now that it supports HDR.

0:51:20 Greg L. wants to speculate about Epson 5040UB projector price drops and whether an HD Fury device would let him use 4K60 sources with that projector and his older AV Receiver.

1:00:08 David S. tried manually level matching his subwoofers with diagonally opposite corner placement and achieved better uniformity. And he asks about noise and banding in the near-black levels of his LG EG9100 OLED TV.

1:06:14 Jack R. asks for ways to inexpensively clean used vinyl records.

1:08:57 Antoine wonders if he should even consider trying to pressurize his 8,200 cubic foot basement with bass output.

1:12:02 Everett L. wants to manually adjust his speaker trim levels, but he had a bit of difficulty finding them in his Denon X4400H settings menus.

1:14:04 Richard gets clarification about the best way to goose his subwoofer output levels without setting his trim levels too high.

1:16:27 Alex P. shares his before and after theater results, which turned out so good that he can’t stand his Living Room SoundBar anymore. We think the Sony HT-X9000F or HT-Z9F with SA-Z9R wireless Surroundsmight be worth a try in his case.

1:26:016 Andrew T. gets our input on his speaker positioning and settings. We also talk about DIY acoustic panels and placement. And we suggest Ideal Lume bias lighting, GiK Tri-Trap and Acoustimac corner bass traps, and HT Market recliners as potential further upgrades.

1:39:51 Christian S. had his AV Receiver turn on at maximum volume. We discuss possible causes and setting max output and initial turn on volume limits.

1:44:37 Justin B. gets our setup suggestions and recommendation for a 92″ Silver Ticket screen in his small, dedicated theater room.

1:50:43 Travis D. has questions about PC sound cards regarding sampling frequency output, HDMI vs. TOSLink, and overall relevance these days.

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