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AV Rant #588: Fran Drescher Speaker

April 28th, 2018

Special Announcement: Pledge Drive!

An anonymous donor has agreed to match all PayPal donations that we receive during the week of May 7 – 14, 2018 dollar-for-dollar up to $100. If you donate during that week, it’s like you gave us twice as much! Thank you!

Our Listeners of the Week are Steve and Thomas for their donations, our 58 Patreon Patrons, Christian for telling Accessories4Less he bought a refurbished Denon X3300W because of our recommendation, Jeff for letting SVS know he heard about them from us when he registered his dual PB12-NSD subwoofers, Mark for telling Oppo his UDP-203 purchase was thanks to our advice, and Mike for helping Tom’s son by suggesting PC Part Picker builds for his gaming PC research.

Daniel W. contacted KEF directly, and they replaced all the drivers in his LS50 speakers for a lower price than expected. And James came around to our Harmony Hub remote recommendation, plus he discovered there are frequent unadvertised “in store only” discounts that make it worth your while to check your local stores.

0:15:46 Tony S. gets our advice on how to budget and configure his open basement, including our recommendations for an SVS PC12-Plus subwoofer and Prime Elevation or NHT Super Series speakers.

0:29:18 Miguel M. gets us to narrow down our $1,500 L/C/R speaker picks, and we discuss the Monoprice Monolith subwoofers.

0:37:35 Shane T. gets a heap of advice about the layout of his room and the placement of his seating, display, speakers, acoustic treatments, and door; plus, we recommend the KEF E301 on-wall speakersSoundproofing Company Backer Boxes, and Fiber Optic HDMI cable run inside conduit.

1:00:08 Cesar asks about recessing regular speakers in a ceiling, and what “high end roll-off” in speakers really means.

1:04:05 Jeremy W. wonders how much difference he’d hear going from Audyssey MultEQ XT to MultEQ XT32, as well as how much he should worry about loud playback for his daughter’s hearing.

1:10:06 Ryan T. asks about CeilingMAX flush mount drop ceiling, and we mention Acoustical Solutions ceiling tiles.

1:12:21 Byron S. wants to know if he got a taste of what it’s like to be us when he tried to share some subwoofer advice on an SVS Facebook fan page.

1:15:18 Nathan D. wants our comments on the Emotiva RMC-1 9.1.6 Atmos demo and StormAudio 9.1.6 firmware update, as well as who’s to blame for Front Wide speakers not playing anything when using the Dolby Surround Upmixer.

1:19:34 Christian S. gets some settings tips for his Denon AVR-X3300W AV Receiver.

1:24:36 Jeff K. gets our thoughts on keeping his projector budget under $4,000.

1:28:16 Damien D. wants to purchase and download full quality movies with lossless audio, so we point to Kaleidescape; and we also discuss crossover settings.

1:31:18 Infinite Gary asks about some specific high wattage amplifier benefit claims, and whether there are any down sides to suspending some of his speaker wires.

1:35:06 Mark H. gets clarification on HDR to SDR conversion settings for his HDCP 1.4 eShift projector.

1:40:31 Nick B. asks when the flagship Denon and Marantz Processors will be available at a discount, and we discuss whether he can justify an Oppo UDP-203 purchase.

1:47:23 Steve H. gets advice about Epson 5040UB settings, using the DoctorScreen Frozen Pixel Fix, remeasuring when you don’t like Audyssey results, the Dayton APA102 and Audio Source AMP100 amplifiers, and whether his results were within “normal” expectations when he auditioned some different speakers.

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