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AV Rant #582: Blessed Bend

March 16th, 2018

Our Listeners of the Week are Shane and Mb (who might be Chris), along with our 54 Patreon Patrons, including Adriano M., and also Chris H. for telling Accessories4Less we recommended them, Boshko for letting APC and Sewell know he bought products from them because of us, and Dave B. and his brother, Don, who were inspired by us to start their own podcast. You can check out their movie reviews at Movie Chatter Podcast where they’ve posted some kind words and links back to AVRant and We Watch Movies.

In the news, via Chris S. and Justin B., RBH has released their 2nd Generation Impression Series speakers. Cabinet build quality and parts quality have gone up, but so have prices. And next month, Elite versions will be released, which basically replace the RBH MC Series.

0:13:54 Mark H. gets more advice on replacing the door that leads to his bedroom addition, and we discuss ventilation, as well.

0:23:02 Daniel W. wants a pair of bookshelf speakers that will be a noticeable difference from his KEF LS50, so we like his idea of trying Ascend Acoustics Sierra-2, and also suggest Revel Performa M126Be, Focal Aria 906, or GoldenEar Aon. We also fail to offer much help for finding a way to repair a pair of STAX electrostatic headphones, other than suggesting to contact STAX, or contact JansZen, the inventors of electrostatic speakers.

0:28:57 Alvin C. asks about Dialogue Normalization, listening modes, and whether Dolby Pro Logic IIz is considered a 5.1.2 configuration.

0:37:26 Michael L. gets our recommendations for a $1,200 5.1 system, including: Yamaha RX-V383 Receiver, SVS SB12-NSD or RSL Speedwoofer 10S subwoofer, and Focal Super Bird, Bird, and Little Bird; or, Aperion in-wall; or, NHT Super Series speakers.

0:44:07 Mike L. wants a subwoofer upgrade, but first he wants to know if he can just assume “bigger is better”, or if there’s a lot more to it than that.

0:51:43 Brandon N. bought and returned a Vizio P Series TV, so we dig into some of the finer points of setup and differences between LG OLEDs and Sony’s X930E.

1:03:09 “Packdevil” wants an affordable projector that can cope with ambient light, so we suggest either the Epson HC 3100 or Epson HC 3700.

1:06:23 Ted M. gets our truly final ideas on what he can try in order to improve the imaging of his on-wall speakers.

1:10:51 Marc asks what’s so special about corner bass traps.

1:14:08 Miles’ mother bought a Samsung 40″ MU6290, only to discover its optical audio output doesn’t always output sound. We go over some settings we believe might fix the problem.

1:19:46 Boshko asks about grounding terminals, plugging subwoofers into power conditioners, using a TV antenna as an FM radio antenna, running whole house audio from his Onkyo Receiver, which he could do via FlareConnect, DTS Play-Fi, or Chromecast Audio, and wall mounts for his Polk speakers, such as the Sewell Universal, or B-Tech Ultragrip.

1:30:37 PJ is considering a 50″ Vizio M Series TV, or an E or D Series so he can get a larger size. We recommend he get a TCL 55P605.

1:31:56 David F. is considering an Onkyo SBT-A500 Atmos SoundBar, but Rob would rather he get a less expensive Sony Atmos/DTS:X SoundBar, and Tom would rather he get a Yamaha Digital Sound Projector.

1:35:42 Jonathan F. agrees with the Sound Guys review of the Devialet Phantom wireless speaker, including that it costs too much. But he loves the high end sound, so we suggest KEF LS50W, or the SVS Prime Wireless speakers.

1:37:36 Chris M. moved his theater to a smaller room, so we advise speaker placement changes and going to 5.1.4 instead of 7.1.2.

1:42:41 Chris V. wants to know if Netflix’ list of devices that support Dolby Atmos is up to date.

1:44:24 Adriano M. wants multiple pairs of Bluetooth active noise cancelling headphones for his dentist office in Australia, and we think the Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC fit the bill.

1:51:35 Carlton B. wants the sound of a $2,900 5.1 in-ceiling speaker setup for $500, so we like his idea of a Dayton SUB-1000L with either RBH A-600, Aperion Audio L6-IC, or OSD MK650 speakers, with a Dayton Audio Matrix 6-Zone amplifier.

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  1. gibby
    April 10th, 2018 at 20:36 | #1

    Hi Guys. Love the Podcast. I’m the Mb you mentioned at the beginning of the podcast (sorry Chris). As soon as I hit the do it button in Paypal I thought to myself “Oh crap, I forgot to put a nickname or any info in there.”

    I live in Cairns, Queensland, Australia and sometimes wish I was back living in the states because of pricing and availability of all the great gear you guys talk about.

    Anyways, Cheers and keep up the great podcast.


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