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AV Rant #553: Won’t Let You into the Country Club

September 1st, 2017

Our Listeners of the Week are Martin, Greg, Brad, and Jeff for their donations, as well as Casey P. for telling SVS we “pushed him over the edge” into buying a PC-2000 subwoofer. We’re happy, SVS is happy, Casey is happy, but Casey’s wife is mad. Best of luck, Casey!

In the news, Samsung, Panasonic, and 20th Century Fox have formed the HDR10+ Partnership to promote the royalty-free alternative to Dolby Vision. And Monoprice announced their Monolith THX-certified subwoofers.

Michael I. noted that 2016 Vizio TVs are receiving the firmware update that lets you use streaming apps without being forced to Cast them, while also giving users a code for a free remote control. Nathan W. found out how Blade Runner is being brought to Ultra HD Blu-ray with HDR. Chris A. took our advice to replace his speaker wire and banana plugs, and everything is sounding great. And Producer Austen took delivery of a pair of SVS PB16-Ultra subwoofers and some SVS Prime Series speakers for our forthcoming review and tutorial.

Brandon W. wants to improve his open concept, acoustically reflective, non-light controlled setup. We discuss room treatments, adding more speakers and subwoofers, and potentially upgrading his projector. And Fred R. drew up detailed theater plans, but he has concerns about how close together his Front speakers are, how high his Surround Back speakers will be, and whether his Atmos positions will sound redundant with any other speakers. We also discuss his choices for a projection screen with Elite Saker, Seymour AV, and EluneVision all offering acoustically transparent, motorized options.

Greg has KEF Q-Series speakers, but he also has an itch to upgrade. He’s intrigued by ribbon tweeters, but also has a budget, so we discuss various tweeter types, and offer some suggestions for how he should proceed. Neil S. is trying to decide between the 3-way Philharmonic BMR Philharmonitors and the 2-way Ascend Acoustics Sierra-2 speakers. And Martin B. wants to make sure he can put his Epson 5030UB projector on a high, rear shelf given where his screen is positioned.

Greg L. bought a house that already has a dedicated theater with existing equipment. We discuss swapping out speakers, adding more subwoofers, building a partial false wall, acoustically treating the room, putting up a projector screen, repositioning the projector and speakers, and planning for future upgrades. Andrew wants to know if his speakers are too close together and whether a couch will muffle his bass drivers. And Steve M. is somehow still alive – we’ve no idea how – even though he “only” has a Full HD, 5.2 setup, and little desire to upgrade.

Karl R. wanted us to dissect a recent interview on another podcast, but other than some clarifications, we didn’t have much in the way of disagreement. And Rob W. asks if the Monoprice in-ceiling back enclosures are enough for soundproofing, or whether he should build his own backer boxes.

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