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AV Rant #547: Subwoofer Anti-Vaxxer

Our Listeners of the Week are Luke for his donation, and Nathan for placing his order with Rythmik and letting them know we recommended their subwoofers.

In the news, we’re hoping to put together a subwoofer setup video series with Producer Austen and some help from SVS. Aiming for dual subs like the ones being showcased by HiFi Sales in New Jersey. And Power Sound Audio has introduced the S7201 quadruple 18-inch driver subwoofer for $3,500 pre-orders.

Infinite Gary noted some price drops on 2016 Denon AV Receiver models. And Nathan W. decided to keep his pair of Rythmik F15HP subs while adding a pair of L22 to bring him up to four subwoofers total, rather than going with our advice of four smaller L12 units.

Morgan wants a white Center speaker to go with his KEF Q100 bookshelf speakers. The KEF Q200c has been discontinued and is only available online in black, but the larger KEF Q600c can still be found in white. An alternative could be the ELAC Uni-fi UC5. And Adam K. wants a projector, pull-down screen, and ceiling mount all for $1,000. We recommend the BenQ HT2050Elite Screens Manual B, and a Monoprice projector ceiling mount.

Byron S. wants a 40 degree field of view with a 9 foot viewing distance, so even though he’d love an LG OLED, we suggest a 75-inch Vizio P Series with a full motion TV wall mount to extend from the wall. Bobby M. gets our thoughts on using his theater as an occasional guest room and pairing Outdoor Speaker Depot in-ceiling speakers with compact Klipsch front speakers. And Fred V. enjoyed an AMC Theater with ButtKicker Tactile Transducers in the seats, so we discuss whether he should add a second sub, or use that money for ButtKickers.

Aric S. wants to upgrade his Pioneer Center speaker and has some candidates in mind. Our top recommendations for his budget include Ascend Acoustics CMT-340SEAperion Intimus 5CHSU HC-1 Mk.2NHT SuperCenterSVS Prime CenterKEF Q200c, or NHT C LCR. Don G. gets some help with planning the layout and Atmos speaker configuration for his dedicated theater room. And Will T. has four subwoofers in an L-shaped room that he wants to optimize, similar to the Audioholics Bass Optimization example. We recommend Room EQ Wizard, a calibrated UMIK-1 from Cross-Spectrum Labs, a MiniDSP 2×4, and Andy’s Multiple Subwoofer Optimization software as the tools to get it done.

Jonathan F. asked for our thoughts on the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America article that concludes there is no correlation between price and sound quality in headphones. Rob F. needs to send one video output to two displays, one of which is 4K HDR, so we suggest a Sewell SplitDeck with HDCP 2.2. And Leighton wants computer speakers that can handle playing music during a party in his living room, so we recommend the Creative IRoar, or a combo of AudioEngine A2+ monitors with an Onkyo SKW-204 subwoofer.

Infinite Gary asks about connecting his analogue pre-amp to self-powered speakers, and questions why his latest professional calibration of his projector has left the colors looking less vibrant. Francis A. wants to know if his Receiver’s auto-setup has set the crossover frequencies of his speakers too high. And we run through how to adjust the manual speaker settings using a basic C-weighted SPL Meter and bass sweeps from AudioCheck.

Martin D. has his sofa against the back wall, so he asks about Atmos configurations, we suggest the XTZ Cinema S2 wall-mountable speaker to match his XTZ Front speakers, and take a guess as to why his subwoofer seems too quiet. Nick B. gets some clarification about cross-room subwoofer placement, Audyssey Dynamic EQ, and the effects of changing the Audyssey target curve using the Audyssey Editor App. And Tate L. gets a declarative answer as to our opinion of how audibly different various Receiver brands are from one another.

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