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AV Rant #545: Big Fan of Strippers

Our Listeners of the Week are Russell C. and Ian E. for their donations, as well as David B. for mentioning us to SVS when he bought his PC-2000 subwoofer, and Scott B. for mentioning us to HSU when he bought his uncle a VTF-2 Mk.5 subwoofer.

Tom is away this week, so Lee Overstreet joins Rob H. as our guest co-host, and Lee starts us off by asking about SVS’ placement recommendations for dual subwoofers.

In the news, Nintendo announced the $80 SNES Classic, coming Sept. 29 with 21 games, including the never-before-released Star Fox 2. And Netflix has added Dolby Atmos support, although current hardware and content support is very limited.

Jim B. shared a short video clip of his Technics spectrum analyzer’s pretty bouncing lights.

Grant A. wants to know what the “Digital Safety” setting on his Pioneer AV Receiver actually does, and what setting he ought to use. Kevin H. is projecting onto a coffee-colored wall, so we suggest Wilsonart Designer White laminate or Sherwin-Williams ProClassic Interior Acrylic Enamel Extra White Satin paint for a DIY screen, as suggested by Projector Central’s Painting the Perfect Screen article. And Charles is getting picture, but no sound from his Amazon Fire Stick, so we attempt to find the cause.

Marc N. added a Polk PSW505 subwoofer to his existing speaker setup and Onkyo subwoofer. Using a Y-splitter to feed both subs resulted in a hum that a Subwoofer Ground Loop Isolator can likely fix. We also recommend GLS Locking Banana Plugs, Sewell Strike Banana Plugs, and Neiko Self-Adjusting Wire Strippers with a demo video from Rob. David B. has finished his basement home theater, and he gets some advice on speaker connections and labels, as well as what to do when you want a little more bass output than your auto-setup program is providing. And Infinite Gary double checks the settings and inputs for his turntable setup, and gets our suggestion for KEF LS50 Mini Monitors for his tabletop keyboard setup.

Bobby M. gets some more clarification regarding his maximum screen size options with a constant-image-height setup and a limited projector throw distance. Russell C. gets some reassurance about his Denon AVR-X4300H AV Receiver purchase. Tate L. gets a detailed breakdown of the different versions of Audyssey, as well as some comments on other room correction programs from Audioholics. And Byron S. wants to know if the future flagship Receiver models from Denon and Marantz that will supposedly process 13 channels of audio will bring back Front Wide speaker support.

John S. is surprised that 4K HDR projectors are already hitting sub-$2,000 price points, but he wants to know if they are sacrificing performance to lower prices. Justin C. took his own near field measurements of his Ascend Acoustics Sierra-2 speakers, and he’d like some help analyzing the results. And Ian E. takes one more crack at justifying an enormous screen purchase for his backyard outdoor theater setup, and we also weigh in on ideas for speaker positioning and labelling for his indoor Atmos setup.

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