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AV Rant #544: Projector Placement and You

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In the news, SVS Prime Elevation Ceiling Mount Inserts provide a more secure overhead installation. Tate L. mentioned the new lineup of Pioneer and Pioneer Elite AV Receivers with Dolby Vision pass through out of the box, including the VSX-832. which, despite being 5.1 only, supports Atmos and DTS:X using a 3.1.2 configuration. Rebeat has filed a patent for high definition vinyl. And Antoine gave us a heads up about the Epson Home Cinema 4000 projector that offers Wobble-K, HDR, and a fully motorized lens for $2,200.

Jackson L. recommended an audio editing program called Reaper that Tom is evaluating. And Earle B. informed us that McIntosh hasn’t been a part of D+M Group since 2012, and they’re now a member of McIntosh Group.

Tate L. asks for some clarification about different AV Receiver models’ pricing, as well as how important the Watts per channel rating is when it comes time to purchase. Ted M. wants to know which Atmos speaker configuration he should use, how difficult it is to run speaker wires behind walls and a ceiling, and what product he can use to decouple his large, down-firing subwoofer from the floor, which used to be the Auralex GRAMMA, but now we suggest the Pyle Sound Isolation Platform due to price. And Kris P. asks about using the manual EQ settings in his Onkyo AV Receiver, whether to use the THX Cinema and user menu Filter settings, whether his Height speaker settings and placement make sense, and what subwoofers he ought to use in his great room.

Infinite Gary wants to know if there’s a particular speaker design that works well for speakers placed close to one another on a table, and he also wants to know what we think of the phrase, “good for the price”. Bobby M. gets our recommendation for the Sony UBP-X800 Ultra HD Blu-ray player for use with his projector, as we also attempt to explain screen size and aspect ratio options based on a given throw distance. And Steve M. kindly asks if watching the ads on the AV Rant Podcast YouTube Page helps our podcast in any way.

Gibbs wonders if the Ascend Acoustics Sierra-2 bookshelf speakers outperform the Sierra Towers with RAAL tweeter upgrade in any performance metric. Ilango asks for Canadian projector and screen recommendations on behalf of a friend whose room has no light control, so we suggest the Epson HC 3500, and EluneVision High Definition Grey screen. And Nathan W. wants small subwoofers that extend as low as possible, so we suggest the Rythmik L12, and also touch upon how to wire four of them to his AV Receiver’s two subwoofer outputs.

Jason replaced his subwoofer with a new model that plays much deeper, and he wants to know if he needs to do another subwoofer crawl to find the best location in his room for the new sub. Jeremy K. gets a reminder of how we suggest figuring what screen size he’d like best given his viewing distance. And Ian E. wants to host outdoor movie nights in his backyard, so we discuss screen options from Carl’s Place, projector options and foot-lambert calculations, audio options using his existing equipment, and our general thoughts on seating and layout. Then we deal with the inside of Ian’s house where we discuss Atmos configurations and speaker positioning.

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