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AV Rant #534: Save a Bunch or Spend it All

April 15th, 2017

Our Listeners of the Week are Brad and Roberto for their donations, as well as Roberto’s call to Accessories4Less where he let them know that we sent him their way.

In the news, Xbox One lossless bitstream audio pass-through is here, but only for Blu-ray discs so far. Xbox Project Scorpio tech specs were revealed. Audyssey MultEQ Editor App is finally available for $20 on iOS and Android. Emotiva will keep prices the same all year, no more sales or promotions. And LeEco isn’t buying Vizio after all.

Jonathan F. had us try a flawed lossy vs. lossless audio comparison. And Mark H. hopes everyone recognizes the value of 3D Blu-ray Rental Subscription Plans.

Ian E. got his RBH Impression Series Center speaker replaced, along with the blown tweeter in one of his Towers, but he’s concerned about how the speakers got damaged in the first place. Ed has questions about the streaming versions of 4K, HDR10, and Dolby Vision vs. the physical media versions, which Blu-ray players (that aren’t Oppo) do a good job of upscaling DVDs (we suggest the Panasonic DMP-BDT360, Sony BDP-S6700, or Sony UBP-X800), and whether newer always means better when it comes to speakers. And Mark H. gets some more discussion about motorized zoom and lens shift in projectors, and whether to go cheap, expensive, or somewhere in the middle.

Roberto C. wants to know if an older Receiver with “4K passthrough” will handle the latest video formats, as well as how Denon’s reliability compares to Yamaha’s. Michael D. gets our thoughts on his planned in-wall speaker placements, as well as the Acoustic Research RX-2512 subwoofer. And Brandon wants to know why the default target curve for Audyssey includes some low frequency roll-off.

Justin B. gets our recommendations for the Outlaw Audio OAW4 Wireless Subwoofer Kit and Amphony Model 1800 Wireless Speaker Kit. We also revisit his on-wall speaker placement options, and suggest the Emotiva TA-100 Integrated Amp for his separate music setup, although he wants tubes, so we mention the Jolida Glass FX 10 if he insists. And Larry L. has rearranged his theater layout, so he double checks his projector positioning, speaker placement, choice of projector, and light output concerns with us.

John B. gives us a hypothetical retail store to populate with our choices of brands and demonstration setups, so we play along with some of our picks. And Infinite Gary wonders if a professional calibrator would approve of Sony’s X-Reality Pro image processing.

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