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AV Rant #531: 42″ Selfie Stick

March 27th, 2017

Our Listeners of the Week are Ted, Ryan, Geoffrey, and Joshua for their donations, as well as Bob L. and Kevin H. for letting SVS and APC, respectively, know that they bought their products thanks to AVRant recommendations.

In the news, Denon announced new S-Series AV Receivers that bring HEOS to lower price points and specifically mention Dolby Vision support.

Christian S. greatly reduced his “overly long” bass ringing by adding SVS SoundPath Isolation Feet to his dual PB-1000 subwoofers. Jay P. applied lots of our advice and shares his successful updates. And Bobby K. informs us that SpoonFlower is being forced to crack down on reprinting copyrighted images, but MyFabricDesigns.com is a potential alternative.

Micheal S. wants to mount Surround speakers on his side walls without any holes or marks, so we suggest VideoSecu Telescoping Stands, Sway Shelves, or 3M Command Adhesive Strips. Justin B. asks about converting half of his garage into a dedicated theater, or potentially using the Smyth Realiser Exchange to simulate excellent theater rooms through high-end headphones, such as: Sennheiser HD650, Audeze LCD-2, or Shure SE535. And Bill R. unfortunately has a hiss coming from his Denon AVR-X6300H AV Receiver that we believe is a defect in need of factory repair or replacement.

Leighton wonders if opening his curtains would give him better Audyssey results. Ted M. is enjoying measuring and graphing his audio and asks how to solve an upper bass dip. And Mark H. asks how high a projector screen ought to be mounted.

Luca F. in Canada needs a subwoofer, and we think an SVS PC-2000 fits the bill. Benjamin D. thinks he might install a suspended ceiling, which we think is a great idea for adding acoustic absorption, running wires, and hanging Atmos speakers. We also comment on his dual subwoofer choices and placement options. And Mike F. has questions about light spill from his projector onto his ceiling, unbalanced sound when using Audyssey Dynamic EQ, Surround speakers with a variable tweeter adjustment, and a bothersome audio delay from some of his sources.

Ryan M. got some free acoustic treatments and asks for our advice on where he should place them. Michael A. wants to know how much of an upgrade SVS’ “middle child” Plus-Series models are over the 2000-Series. And Bob L. could use some clarification about HDMI Premium High Speed Certified Cables, why video bitrates can vary so wildly, and how he can have dramatically different preferences for 2-channel only speakers vs. surround sound speakers.

Infinite Gary hates the look of glossy flat panels, but without complete light control, could an ambient light rejecting screen and a projector deliver an improvement? Geoff D. asks about Hisense HDR TVs in Australia and pairing his SVS SB-2000 with a less expensive subwoofer. And Larry L. took lots of our advice regarding his theater build, and now he asks about RBH in-ceiling foam enclosures, using a subwoofer as a speaker stand, using a microphone extension cord to run Audyssey, using a Stereo Female to Mono Male Adapter to run whole house audio from Chromecast Audio devices, and whether he should replace his Center speaker.

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