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AV Rant #514: Subwoofer or Center Speaker

December 3rd, 2016


Our Listener of the Week is Chris S. for letting EMP Tek know that he heard about them from AV Rant.
Infinite Gary saw Audioholics’ video of the Martin Logan demo room and thought it sounded terrible. And Justin B. (and Rob) confirm that a new Marantz firmware update allows Dolby Surround Upmixer to work on DTS signals, and DTS Neural:X Upmixer to work on Dolby signals.
Josh S. wants an affordable TV with good sound, so we suggest the combo of a Vizio D-Series TV with a Vizio C or D SoundBar. Jonathan F. prods us to rant about a Lumin D1 Audiophile Network Music Player review. And Bobby K. asks about Audyssey Low Frequency Containment and any other methods to avoid bothering the neighbors.
Matt G. asks about using dual subwoofers in an open concept room, as well as matching sealed subs with ported subs. Anand wants us to speculate about the future of quantum dots vs. OLED. And Monty N. tries to sort through IPS vs. VA LCD panels, 60Hz vs. 120Hz refresh rates, screen size vs. price, OLED burn-in, calibrating his image, the Oppo UDP-203 Ultra HD Blu-ray player price point, and how ATSC 3.0 tuners will work with PCs.
David F. needs some help setting up his BenQ HT2050 projector and will likely need an ultra low-profile projector ceiling mount. Greg F. and Tara both ask for our thoughts on LG’s Super UHD TVs and get our recommendations for Vizio P-Series, Sony X930D Series, Vizio M-Series, and Samsung KS8000 Series more or less in that order. And Charleston L. wants to know if he’d be better off with four lower output subwoofers or two higher output subwoofers.
Greg P. upgraded to four subwoofers and wants to know if he needs to run Audyssey again. He also wants to know if it makes sense to use a smaller projection screen so that he can better place his flat panel and seating, and whether he should rearrange his subwoofers, as well. Justin B. wants to shop for $2000/pair speakers at Amazon, so we suggest: KEF R300, Dali Opticon 2, Paradigm Signature S2, Martin Logan Motion 35XT, and NHT C 3. And Chris S. gets our suggestion to use AudioCheck.net to make a bass sweep when doing the subwoofer crawl, as well as our thoughts on whether he should upgrade his subwoofer or his Center speaker next.

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