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AV Rant #503: Ridicule

September 15th, 2016

AV Rant 500th_1000pxTechnical changes behind the scenes meant no Live on Air broadcast nor 2-hour YouTube video this week. Please bear with us as we make some transitions.

We have a new AV Rant YouTube Page for you to check out!

Our Listeners of the Week are Scott, Ian, Jesse, Michael R., and Heath for their donations; Kris I. for letting APC know he bought their power protection products because of AV Rant; and, our congratulations to Byron who’s been listening to AV Rant since he was an Ensign, and now he has been promoted to Lieutenant Commander!

In the news, Rob was a guest on Entertainment 2.0 Podcast to discuss HDR and HD Audio. Kaleidescape is back open for business! Sony announced the PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim with HDR support coming to all PS4 consoles. And Apple launched the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus with no headphone jack.

Russ says we gave him the audio upgrade bug that brought him all the way to a 7.2.4 Atmos setup, and he’s loving the results! And Toby H. shared Germany’s Hollywood-Theatres “Ultimate Line” video, and on the opposite end of the spectrum, a $1,500 theater where only about $200 was spent on AV gear.

Jeff G. asks why Denon’s new AVR-X4300H mentions 11.1 channel processing but only 5.1.4 or 7.1.2 Atmos capability on its webpage. Heath plans to move ahead with his basement home theater build using some of our suggestions. He asks about GFCI electrical outlets, false wall construction, our recommended Seymour AV Retractable screen and Elite Screens AcousticPro UHD, subwoofer choices, Aperion Audio Verus Forte speakers, seating placement, and any extra tips.

Miles W. has a friend in need of some SoundBar settings advice. Infinite Gary asks how we think Phase Technology DARTS compares to JBL Synthesis ARCOS. And J wants to know if measurements can prove that dual subwoofers will work well for him.

Neil H. wants some speaker brand suggestions in New Zealand. In addition to Klipsch and Wharfedale, we mention Dali, and KEF. Neil also asks what household items could be used as absorption just as a proof of concept. Antoine asks about bi-pole/di-pole Surround speakers vs. monopoles, we suggest EMPTek E3b Satellite speakers for Atmos, and Belden speaker wire from Parts-Express when you want a black jacket. And Michael R. asks why his Windows 10 desktop doesn’t look right on his HDTV, as well as Kodi Audio Settings.

Matt G. gets our take on Reference Volume, Audyssey Dynamic EQ, and subjective speaker sensitivity. Mark G. could use the Whitegoods LightMeter App to measure his partially sunlit room. Seymour AV’s Matinee Black screen could help, but we think the Epson HC 3500 projector is his best choice. And Kevin A. has an aftermarket car audio connection question.

Ted M. asks about DACs, but we end up talking about amps. He also asks about tubes, and what makes Auro-3D different from Atmos and DTS:X. Alan C. says our crossover settings advice helped him, and he wants our opinions on his attempts to “trick” Audyssey by partially covering his tweeters during measurement. Jonathan F. forwarded High Def Digest’s Dolby Atmos Beyond 7.1.4 – Part 2 article. And Josh Zyber, the author of that article, had some bones to pick with us, and we live up to our name with a ranty reply!

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