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AV Rant #502: The Last Hangout

September 9th, 2016

AV Rant 500th_1000pxOur Listeners of the Week are Vincent, Rohan, Russell, and Heath for their donations, as well as Anthony B., Jay C., and Heath B. for telling SVS that their recent purchases were thanks to AV Rant’s recommendations.

Our SVS Giveaway is now open for entry for residents of the USA and Canada. So come to AVRant.com, enter your email address, and good luck!

In the news, the SVS Prime Elevation Speakers should be available very soon. Antoine let us know that Plex released their DVR software, although it comes with many limitations. IFA 2016 included HLG HDR, the JVC Blu-Escient DLA-Z1, Panasonic DMP-UB700, Sony prototype Ultra HD Blu-ray player, and Philips 901F OLED with Ambilight. Intel Kaby Lake CPUs add 4K and HDCP 2.2 support that Tyler F. noted will allow Sony ULTRA Streaming to come to PCs. Google has a 4K Chromecast Ultra in the works. And our own Producer Austen celebrated 100 Episodes of We Watch Movies Podcast!

We are over the moon about Ash’s DIY bass traps that he made out of bookcases. And Michael I. confirms that DTS:X firmware updates are rolling out to 7-channel Denon Receivers.

Larry S. wants to know which Denon or Marantz Receiver to buy. Vince S. asks if we think extremely bright output will kill the OLED market. And Chris S. wants to know if he should buy the Pioneer Andrew Jones speakers or spend more for the EMP Tek Impression Series or Ascend Acoustics CBM-170SE.

Justin B. asks about DIY absorption panel placement and whether diffusion panels are worth it in his case. Rohan tries to correct us about his marble room, but we prefer to reject his reality and replace it with our own. He asks about video calibration and how to use Denon’s “web control” to save his settings. And Kris points out an unimaginable error that Rob made, then asks about surge protection, where we recommend APC J15BLK, J25B, Back-UPS 750, or P8V depending on what level of protection is needed.

Anthony B. asks about connecting his new subwoofers along with his self-powered speakers. Jay C. moved one of his subs and mostly likes the results. Now he has aesthetic concerns, and digs into some of the minutia of placement and orientation. And Michael R. sorts through some more HTPC audio woes, and we point him to CinemaNow Canada for new release rentals.

Terry G. wants to confirm that Silver Ticket Woven Acoustic is a good choice. Mitch gets us to detail our differing approaches to setting speaker toe in and distance. Mark M. asks about the channel indicator on a Marantz front display. And Neil was impressed by Audioholics’ HSU ULS-15 Mk2 review and asks if it will pair well with his Power Sound Audio 15S.

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