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AV Rant #497: Speaker Burqa

August 4th, 2016

PrintOur Listeners of the Week are donors Kyle, Richard, George M., and Jay C. who also let HSU Research know his dual VTF-3 Mk5 subwoofer purchase was because of AV Rant! Rob starts the podcast with a gut-wrenching Kuro TV update. Prepare yourselves.

In the news, Antoine shared CEDIA’s “Best New Products” finalists list, and we speculate as to why the only AV Receiver on the list is a Sony. China’s leading internet content distribution company LeEco bought Vizio for $2 billion. Nintendo NX is portable. Ultra HD Blu-ray player prices drop thanks to Xbox One S. And Philips 8600 Dolby Vision TVs are delayed until 2017.

Wesley M.’s volume jumping mystery has finally been fixed by a firmware update. Josh Pollard from The Digital Media Zone asks about using a 2-channel HDMI Audio Extractor, while we mention 4×2 HDMI Matrix, and 7.1 HDMI Audio Extractor alternatives. Randy gets our recommendation for the Denon AVR-X1200W from Accessories4Less, which slightly exceeds his budget, but delivers the features he’s looking for. And Infinite Gary asks about manufacturing moving back to the USA, and the most light-absorbent fabrics, which include Fidelio and Baritone black velvet (halfway down page), or Royalty 3 Velvet from Jo-Ann Fabric (thanks, Ray Coronado!)

Bobby K. gets Tom and Rob to spill their full equipment lists (Rob’s list will be posted as a comment to this article). Will S. wants good, small computer speakers without a bass module, so we suggest the Audio Engine A2+. And Nathan D. asks about long RCA cables vs. long speaker wire, requests a deep dive on determining if he needs an external amplifier, asks about Slew Rate, Class A vs. Class AB vs. Class D, and balanced vs. unbalanced, and finishes by asking about subjective opinions vs. objective measurements.

Christopher V. gets some clarification about inverting speakers mounted up high. Ryan T. explains his seating riser plans and asks about Outlaw vs. Emotiva amplifiers. And Bill R. asks if we think Focal SuperBirds and Focal Birds are good choices for on-wall and on-ceiling speakers. Bill also gets our opinions on HDR-capable projectors and “true” 4K vs. “wobble-K”, as well as dual subwoofer choices and where we think he should place them and his equipment rack.

Andrew N. could use a MiniDSP 2×4 to add independent subwoofer controls to his system. Lucas M. asks about the “+6dB Dynamic Headroom” IHF amplifier specification, and whether unused speaker binding post outputs are still drawing power when nothing is connected. P.J. has a tough choice between a new AV Receiver and a new subwoofer, and also wants to know what Audyssey’s various “level” mean. Ed wants to know if it’s worth keeping his old subwoofer, and how likely it is that lossless audio and immersive audio will be supported by streaming services. And John W. asks about minimum listening distances from larger speakers and whether or not we think he should upgrade.

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  1. Rob H
    August 5th, 2016 at 01:07 | #1

    Rob H.’s Home Theater Equipment List:

    Elite HTS Cinema C1-M in 3 seat sofa configuration
    GiK Acoustics 244 Bass traps x 4, 242 panels x 6, and 1x Monster Bass Trap on stands
    Auralex MetroFusor diffusion panels x 12
    Yorkville SKS-500B monitor stands with clamps x 2 pairs
    Yorkville SKS-40B x 1 pair
    Quest EM400 speaker stands
    Auralex GRAMMA isolation riser x 4
    Auralex MoPad x 2 pairs
    IKEA Besta TV Bench x 2
    IKEA Not Floor lamp x 2
    APC J35B Batter Backup/UPS x 2
    APC P8V surge protector x 2
    Sony XBR-65X900A TV
    Z-Line Jaguar 3-in-1 TV stand
    SVS PC13-Ultra with SoundPath Isolation Feet x 2
    Ascend Acoustics Custom “Low Profile” Vertical Horizon RAAL Mains
    Ascend Acoustics Custom “Skinny” Horizon RAAL Center (7.5″ deep)
    Ascend Acoustics Custom Sierra Bookshelf pair with same RAAL tweeter and mid-range driver as Horizon RAAL Fronts
    Ascend Acoustics Sierra-2 x 3 pairs
    Marantz SR7010
    ATI AT1807
    Sewell Deadbolt Banana plugs and Spade lugs
    Generic RCA, HDMI, and Speaker wire from JustOneCable.ca
    Xbox One
    Harmony Keyboard + Hub

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