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AV Rant #491: Bagging on Yamaha

June 23rd, 2016

PrintThank you to our Listeners of the Week, Antoine and Justin for their donations, and Justin B. for letting SVS know his dual PB-1000 subwoofer purchase was thanks to our recommendation!

In the news, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ‘Ultimate Edition’ will be the first 100GB Ultra HD Blu-ray releaseLogitech is beta testing Harmony Remote integration with Amazon Echo, and AV Rant Listener Antoine forwarded confirmation that Samsung won’t have 3D on any of its 2016 TVs. Bill C. found a $74 100-inch motorized projection screen that we think is worth checking out. Jeb B. thinks HDR in Forza Horizon 3 sounds interesting. Philip B. is mildly interested in the Soundlazer VR Kickstarter. And Jim D. wants us to add Dark Matter and Orange is the New Black, and House of Cards to our list of recommended TV shows.

Will T. wants to know the best way to position and integrate two or three subwoofers in his L-shaped room using Yamaha’s YPAO. Robert F. asks about auto-setup for Atmos speaker positions, dual subs sounding quieter than a single sub, positioning and using a ported sub and a sealed sub together, and whether acoustic panels mounted up high are worth it. And Justin B. asks many, many questions, including: making a damage claim with APC, dual subwoofer choices under $1000 for a large room (Outlaw Audio Ultra-X12 when they go on sale), stacking subwoofers, sealed vs. ported, getting a silent noise floor, connecting alternate Front L/R speakers, bookshelf vs. tower speakers, Room EQ Wizard Help Section, using a PC Software Equalizer APO, MiniDSP choices, Surround and overhead speaker placement, SpoonFlower “Quilting Weight” Cotton fabricfor acoustic panels, acoustically transparent material measurements, and our guess on 4K HDR TV pricing later this year. Whew!

Harvie W. asks why auto-on stopped working when he added a second subwoofer, and he wants to know how to fix it. Dave wants to know how to get his Yamaha Processor to display that it’s really using Dolby Atmos. Ted M. asks about room analysis software, and whether we agree with acoustician Bob Hodas that EQ is only the last 5% of room tuning. And Cesar D. wants to play one source in surround sound while playing a different source through headphones all from his Emotiva XMC-1 Processor.

Michael R. asks about PC audio output settings and connecting a PC to two displays and two sound systems. Infinite Gary asks about “green push”, and whether a 4K projector could ever equal OLED picture clarity. Randy C. gets us to recommend Visual Apex Outdoor Theater equipment and Behringer PA speakers with a Behringer 502 mixer, or the Pyle Pro 1237UB PA Speakers with remote control. And Joseph S. wants to know why one of his subwoofers stops playing when he sets his Yamaha AV Receiver to stereo listening mode.

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